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    Did Chalcedon approve the Letter of Ibas as Orthodox?

    Okay, this is literally my last post - I'm gonna change the password on my account so I can't login after this. However, I've heard from many Oriental apologetics that the Letter of Ibas was explicitly approved in Chalcedon, only for Justinian to do a rewrite of history. However, for those who...
  2. LivenotoneviL

    I'm leaving the board.

    As much as I appreciate the help and the resources here, I feel like the more I engage in theological discussion, being the Neophyte that I am, the more I realize how much I don't even understand, and I want to apologize for all the errors I've made and ignorance that I have portrayed. With my...
  3. LivenotoneviL

    How can God be just?

    So, here me out - 7,500,000,000 people are on this planet. If we assume that Eastern Orthodoxy is correct: 300,000,000 people. 0.04% of the planet. More than this, it's very clear in Christ's own words that "narrow is the gate", so for the sake of generosity, let's say that 49% of the...
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    2 Questions: About the Energies of Christ, and Dyo vs Miaenergism

    Okay, I'll be more specific with this question. 1. When discussing the Energies of Christ, it seems that in the Miaphysite Church, Christ it seems that Christ, in addition to having energies of human and Divine, St. Severus of Antioch - and even Saint Cyril of Alexandria - seem to suggest that...
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    Monothelitism and OO

    What exactly is the position of Monothelitism and the Oriental Orthodox Church? Obviously the theological opinion was formed to appease the OO Church, but how so? And why do the Orientals accept it if they (seemingly) do accept it?
  6. LivenotoneviL

    For those who looked into Oriental Orthodoxy, why did you pick EO?

    Title; I asked this to the Oriental Orthodox, and I want to ask the same question again.
  7. LivenotoneviL

    So, Sophistic question about the Compound Nature of Christ

    Well, I've just come to the conclusion -  contrary to my own thoughts - that I'm having an extraordinarily difficult time trying to comprehend what exactly the Miaphysite position is, after thinking about it for some time. So, this is what I'm trying to comprehend. The Miaphysites seem to...
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    Comparative / Apologetic Literature for the Dyo and Mia view of Saint Cyril?

    Before I - God willing - become a catechumen in the Eastern Orthodox Church, while I briefly touched upon the controversies of Miaphysitism and Dyophysitism, I seriously want to - for a time being - inquire into Oriental Orthodoxy before I make the vows so to speak to become a Chalcedonian...
  9. LivenotoneviL

    Thoughts on the British Orthodox Church?

    What are your thoughts, particularly for the Oriental Orthodox or those who are knowledgeable about the Oriental Orthodox, in regards to their liturgical praxis, their canonical status, their history, etc.
  10. LivenotoneviL

    Prayers on the theme of the Last Judgment

    Dear all, There are certain times in my life where - for the purposes of discipline - I would like to pray and perhaps think on the Last Judgment. Of course, there is an extremity that is necessary to avoid, as overdoing it can lead to despair - but I want to make this a part of my prayer life...
  11. LivenotoneviL

    If you are a convert, what made you choose Oriental Orthodoxy?

    I want to hear your experiences, in light of the whole Chalcedonian controversy, what made you choose Oriental Orthodoxy over Eastern Orthodoxy?
  12. LivenotoneviL

    Have you had any supernatural / ghost experiences?

    Of course, the Orthodox position (as far as I'm aware) on these matters is that they are either the work of Satan or the deceased, or just a fake, but have you had any of these experiences before? Share below!
  13. LivenotoneviL

    Okay, disprove me, Wandile.

    Okay, try to prove your point of view, Wandile, including such historical facts as Pope Vigilius's name being struck from the diptychs, the forgery of the Donation of Constantine, and the fact that Honorius was condemned as a heretic, and whose condemnation was commemorated in the Roman Church...
  14. LivenotoneviL

    New forensic study of the Shroud of Turin, claims bloodstains are clearly faked.

  15. LivenotoneviL

    A video of a Western Rite Orthodox Mass

    So, this video was uploaded a couple days ago, from Saint Michael's Orthodox parish. It's a Solemn High Mass from Saint Michael's Orthodox Church. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I4nB2CLIP0&t=3205s