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    Tollhouses: purification or condemnation?

    Upon the Cross, Christ told the good thief that "today" he would be in Paradise. While the tollhouses strike a chord of fear in everyone... and rightfully so... whether we do, or do not traverse through tollhouses... we will nonetheless still be held accountable for all our words, deeds...
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    May the Lord have mercy upon mcarmichael's mother, grant her good health, peace of mind, joy and happiness. Lord, have mercy!
  3. LizaSymonenko

    Close and far

    That's just like sometimes you get in the "zone" during Divine Liturgy... and you leave re-energized and walking on air.... and other times, you just cannot focus, and you mechanically go through the motions. The key is to keep going through the motions, knowing that God is there... that He...
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    The Symbolic Structure of the Trisagion Prayers

    Hmmmm..... "Interesting" is right.
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    Catherine and her eyes

    Lord have mercy and grant a successful procedure and a complete restoration of Catherine's eyesight.
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    The Symbolic Structure of the Trisagion Prayers

    That is one interesting site. I will have to spend some time there. I found this article: https://thesymbolicworld.com/videos/a-call-to-christian-artists-2/ especially relevant. One of the hats I wear is that of an "artist"... and this article was sort of a challenge... a call to arms... I...
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    Violence in the Bible?

    The Old Testament IS violent... and often immoral. There is no getting around that. The coal must be put through great extremes to be turned into a diamond... and so humanity, as a whole, needed to go through these things in order to eventually shine. However, with Christ being the...
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    Voodoo I guess ```

    We fool ourselves, if we believe evil doesn't exist, and that evil people do not exist. They choose evil. WE could choose evil... we probably do on a daily basis, we just don't realize it, because it doesn't have such great repercussions. We always need to be vigilant... treat others...
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    Orthodox funeral and burial

    My uncle and mother were not embalmed. We had to have the casket closed during the public funeral, but, otherwise, when we were alone with them, we (family) could open the casket, place an icon, cross, etc. inside... touch and say goodbye. ...and we were alone with both of them (a decade...
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    Looking to buy a crucifix and/or prayer rope from a orthodox source.

    I often shop here: www.monastiriaka.gr Click "EN" in the upper right for English.
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    God's willingness

    The Lord will forgive the truly repentant sinner. However, it is on us to be "truly repentant"... and not just offer lip service, like kids who are forced to say "sorry" to someone they hurt. They begrudgingly mumble the words, but, it is not from the heart. Therefore, while the Lord...
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    Where to Buy Incense?

    I have bought from them repeatedly. They sell beautiful items. I JUST last week received a shipment of incense... and this time a few bottles of Communion Wine for church. I also bought a string of "worry" beads. Never had them before... but, they are so comfortable in your hand (nutmeg...
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    Icon corners

    It's my bedroom's East wall. The red votive is electric... and stays on all the time... so as I wake up in the middle of the night, Christ and all His saints are clearly visible. They are the last thing I see before closing my eyes, and the first when I open them. It makes me feel secure...
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    Icon corners

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    Who is the Saint in this icon?

    I'm going to guess it might be St. Nektarios. You might be better able to narrow it down if you know the family's nationality (preference for various saints), family names, etc. What was your friend's name? Perhaps it is his/her patron saint?