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  1. LizaSymonenko

    stopping cigarettes

    My grandfather was a pipe smoker.... One year when Great Lent started, he put his pipe up on the fireplace mantel and never picked it up to smoke again. His abstinence during Lent helped him to break the habit.
  2. LizaSymonenko

    Do you ASMR?

    I often listen to a "cafe" ASMR or "library", etc. It is just noise of people talking in the background, cups clinking, papers shuffling, etc. It helps keep me "awake" and focused when working on something late... because it makes me feel that I am surrounded by people. YouTube has some great...
  3. LizaSymonenko

    Moving Pascha?

    I will be there!
  4. LizaSymonenko

    Please Pray For My Prodigal Son!

    Lord, have mercy on Ilija, strengthen him, guide him, and keep him safe.
  5. LizaSymonenko

    How do the Orthodox Fast during Lent

    We fast from meat and dairy products. In other words, we go vegan for the duration of Great Lent, with oil permitted on some days. Fish is permitted on Feast Days, (Annunciation, and Palm Sunday)... and the meals are preferrably simple. Nothing elaborate. However, we focus more on prayer and...
  6. LizaSymonenko

    Departed Forum Members

    I JUST saw this on Facebook... and could not believe it. On the 4th, he had a medical scare, and posted he was going into hospice... but, then he added that it was a false alarm, as he was doing much better... and now he is gone. He had health issues for a while, but, always put up a good...
  7. LizaSymonenko

    Where do you go when you want more spiritual food?

    This is not bad advice. When you do acts of kindess, you will be amazed how much clearer your vision becomes.
  8. LizaSymonenko

    Elizabeth C. passed away. Please pray.

    Memory Eternal!
  9. LizaSymonenko

    Romanian Baby Dies after Orthodox Baptism

    I am sorry... I did not mean to infer that you were... I've just been in loooong discussions elsewhere on this situation... and more than the parents or priest being blamed, people have been putting the blame on God and Church.... With the trend of anti-Christian sentiment lately.... this is...
  10. LizaSymonenko

    Romanian Baby Dies after Orthodox Baptism

    Before we blame the priest, or the Holy Sacrament.... there was this post on Facebook earier today: I have seen someone has shared the very sad problem with the baby who died in Romania. I need to clarify a few aspects because I see the social media and The Guardian wrote only lies, to get the...
  11. LizaSymonenko

    What's your MBTI personality type?

    Almost five years on.... I just retook the test... and still the same: Mediator INFP-T
  12. LizaSymonenko

    Is support of abortion is rampant in Orthodox christians like the Catholics?

    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church always defends the unborn.
  13. LizaSymonenko

    Women using veils (difference between Slavic and Greek)

    Wear or don't wear... but, do not stop others from covering up.
  14. LizaSymonenko

    How does one forgive themselves?

    Trust in God's forgiveness... and move on. It is the Devil who wishes you to hold on to your past wrong, wallowing in guilt and self-pity. He keeps you so downtrodden that you cannot lift up your eyes and move on, shining brightly for others. Repent, learn, do not repeat, and move on with your...
  15. LizaSymonenko

    Please, Velinka needs prayer

    Oh my! May the Lord come to her aid, and grant her strength and good health, and may He heal all those who are ill around her. Lord, have mercy!