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    Myspace/Mafia Wars

    Just a clarification, I'm not into Mafia wars... I play Mafia Cities on Facebook... different app. :) and yes I play fluff friends on facebook as well... I do have a myspace but I don't use it that often anymore though.
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    Question about Genesis

    Hi all, I had another Bible question for you... I'm not sure what this section means here: Gen. 9:4-5 (using the Orthodox Study Bible version) "But you shall not eat flesh with its lifeblood. Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning;from the hand of all the wild animals I will...
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    Age For Confession

    I think generally as long as they're Baptised and once they understand right from wrong and can make choices on their own regarding good/bad then they can go to confession... I THINK this is generally around 6yrs old here in America... not completely sure though. Would love to know what others...
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    Question about Advent fasting

    My friend asked me this:   "I'm Catholic and we fast during Lent, but not advent, do you know why [the Orthodox] fast during advent?  Does the tradition of fasting go way back like in Judaism there are a lot more fasting holidays than in Christianity in general." She seems to genuinely be...
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    Does the Fear of God still exist?

    I was raised in the roman catholic church and I'd say I had a bit of a fear of God too... especially during church when the priest was doing the communion prayers and the altar servers would ring the bells, I had a fear of God at that point all the time, I can't really explain it, but it's how I...
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    For Those Who Don't Post Much (or Who Don't Post At All)

    "I don't feel that I have much to contribute"  Is what I chose... I do post when I find something that I want to say, but I generally prefer to just read. I don't like to get into debates so I try to also watch how I say things so I don't end up debating with people as well. Even though I've...
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    What's everyone doing for Halloween this year?

    I plan on dressing our girls up in something cute (maybe princesses or puppies or kittens) and take them around our neighborhood with my Mom or Aunt (most likely Aunt) and let them get some treats from the neighbors. That is all we'll do aside from take pictures of them in their costumes. I just...
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    Communion and Young Children (3yrs and younger)

    Thanks :) it is a great feeling to have your children receive with you! I love that my Athanasia goes to Church school now too, there's just a few children in her class but at least she is able to meet others in her age group in Church!
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    Communion and Young Children (3yrs and younger)

    I looked and didn't see any topics on this so made one, hope you don't mind! :)   I'm writing to say today was successful with getting my girls Athanasia and Stephanie(Sahara) to receive Communion finally! They received both 'parts' too and didn't spit out at all! Sahara hasn't received any...
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    Saturday of Souls- Commemoration of the Dead

    Anna Cecilia Mary Jane Anthony John James Virginia Beebee (this is her nickname, i have no clue what her 'real' name ever was, she's a Great Aunt of mine) Reenee(sister of Beebee) Margaret Stephen Sr. Cecilia Mary Gertrude (a R.C. Sister) Roy +memory eternal
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    Cremation, Organ Donation, Embalming, and Other Post Mortem Practices

    i was curious about organ donation things as well...
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    Mercenariness & secret eating

    Cassiel,   thanks for asking this! to be honest i've been wondering about mercenariness too and what it means. i also love your explanation about pride and vainglory tamara! i really don't have anything to add for your question Cassiel because i think everyone else answered it pretty well and...
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    Question about Matt. 15:5-6

    thanks everyone for your responces, i think i understand it a bit better....so thanks again and i agree with peter, i hope this thread stays on topic! :) mary
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    Question about Matt. 15:5-6

    Matt. 15:5-6  "...But you say, "Whoever says to his father or mother, Whatever profit you might have received from me is a gift to God-- then he need not honor his father or mother. Thus you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition." (emphasis mine)  i had a question on...
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    What is everyone reading?

    Currently i'm finishing up reading Star Trek TNG Crossover by Michael Jan Friedman. It's alright as far as Star Trek books go. Late in May i read "7th Heaven" by James Patterson which i thought was pretty good... i have been enjoying reading murder mysteries and sci fi/star trek books lately. mary