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    Yuns Guys Don't Measure Distance in Hours?

    I measure distance in time, the main exception to that would be for purposes of determining when/where to stop for gas.
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    Marriage with an atheist

    Are there any members on here married to atheists? I know they happen (I know at least one couple), and I also know this is not the norm. I've been dating this girl over the past year who is an atheist. My question is not whether or not such a marriage can work (I'm not asking for a...
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    For my sister

    She's in the hospital in ICU with her blood pressure at 60/0. She had a blood clot in her leg that moved to her lung, if she had been a couple of hours later getting to the hospital this would probably be a prayer for the departed. O Christ, Who alone art our defender: Visit and heal thy...
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    Controversial Jesus Christ Movie

    Paul Verhoeven Finds Backing And A Writer For Controversial Jesus Christ Movie
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    History of charity in the Church

    I have a friend who is a Protestant pastor and runs a food bank. He is meeting with representatives of a few other churches in his area to discuss the role of charititable institutions and programs as properly belonging to the "Church, however you want to define it". Anyway, he has a pretty good...
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    Yet another Christological thread

    Alright, get ready, this excerpt from The Orthodox Way was sent to me in an email... Any thoughts anyone?
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    Question about marriage

    What are the legal benefits of marriage and what is the practical difference between being married and just living together? Just curious.
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    Happy Birthday Marines!

    If I remember correctly, there's a few others on here. Semper Fi
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    Orthonorm is a saint

    The priest said "you are sanctified" at his chrismation this past sunday. He is a saint according to the biblical use of the word. May God grant him many years and perseverance in the faith.
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    King Cyrus of Persia

    Does anyone know where I can find an image (preferably an icon if possible) of Cyrus of Persia, preferably making his decree to have the temple rebuilt? This is the best I have been able to find so far.
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    Sin, confession, and preparation for Communion

    Orthodoxy does not have "mortal" and "venial" distinctions of sin. On a theological level, all sin is sin and leads to death no matter what it is (wether voluntary or involuntary committed in knowledge or ignorance). On a practical level, not every sin needs to be confessed immediately before...
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    Penal Substitution Question

    I listened to a Protestant pastor speak the other day, and give an outline of the message of the "gospel". To paraphrase, God can't let sin go unpunished, so he punished Jesus instead of us. If you believe that Jesus died as a punishment for your sins and you trust in His blood, then you...
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    Image of woman in catacombs

    I don't know if this is the proper place for this, but I found something I think is interesting that I haven't actually seen pictures of before. While looking around at various sites concerning another topic, I found this picture. I noticed the sheep looking up at the woman from below and...
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    Pascha in Ghana - Christ is Risen

    A very lively way of celebrating Christ's resurrection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGqUn5KQ9kE