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  1. minasoliman

    A new twist on the Multiverse Theory

    So instead of universes that have random laws of physics and random histories, it sounds like Stephen Hawking's last research tends to see that all universes have to have the same laws of physics. Again, I'm not a cosmologist, but it boggles my mind where they get the interpretation of...
  2. minasoliman

    Altar and Nave division

    I was curious about something.  I noticed that there have been commentaries that the Coptic Church before the 14th century did not have divisions between the altar and the nave, and that our adoption of the iconostasis was influenced by Byzantine architecture, and then the influence trickled...
  3. minasoliman

    9 Coptic women who run the world

    Source: https://medium.com/coptic-voice/9-coptic-women-who-run-the-world-386e2805f58b My favorite:  Donna Rizk Asdourian, who not only married an Armenian, but she herself is half Armenian if I’m not mistaken.
  4. minasoliman

    Want to Learn Ancient Syriac?

    No? Well, I do...lol Does anyone know good books on learning ancient Syriac, especially if I want to, let’s say, read ancient manuscripts of Severus of Antioch (I assume his writings were preserved in West Syriac?).
  5. minasoliman

    Emperor Theodosius II's handwriting (circa 450 AD)

    The only surviving handwriting of an emperor: Theodosius II and a petition from Aswan
  6. minasoliman

    Coptic Pope Theodosius II (1294-1300) was Frankish

  7. minasoliman

    2 new Coptic dioceses in the US, 1 in Europe, & other Coptic ordinations Nov 11

    According to Coptic news media, Watani, HH Pope Tawadros will ordain the following: +Abouna Seraphim al-Souriani (who was one of the five candidates for the papacy) as bishop of the new diocese of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana +Bishop Karas (presently general bishop in NJ) as bishop of the new...
  8. minasoliman

    Coptic Jerusalem Metropolitan peacefully protests for right to repair Monastery

    More here: http://lacopts.org/news/statement-from-metropolitan-antonios-on-recent-incidents-at-the-coptic-monastery-of-deir-el-sultan-in-jerusalem/
  9. minasoliman

    For a friend

    I have a very close friend going through some suffering, relationship issues and faith issues. Pray that he may be comforted and that I may find the right words to say to him. Lord have mercy!
  10. minasoliman

    Wrong Name on Speeding Ticket

    Any lawyers here?  NJ? My sister got a speeding ticket.  As usual, as anyone maybe, she didn’t check the ticket until two days later to call and schedule a court date.  But as she looked at the ticket, the name filed was not her, but our father (even gender and date of birth matched our father...
  11. minasoliman

    Nabeel Qureshi, famous Evangelical and convert from Islam, passes away

    Here is an article and eulogy by Ravi Zacharias: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/09/17/why-this-muslim-turned-christian-speaker-resonated-with-so-many-before-his-death-at-34/?utm_term=.8942afc41019
  12. minasoliman

    For the repose of Mary, and for the care of her husband and children

    A few days ago, a friend of mine, a pediatrician, had to evacuate from his home in Tampa with his wife and two sons.  The family used to be parishioners in our Church before they moved to Florida last year.  Unfortunately, they got into an accident that lead to the death of his wife.  His...
  13. minasoliman

    Equifax hacked; 143 million Americans may have been affected

    More information here: http://www.businessinsider.com/equifax-hackers-may-have-accessed-personal-details-143-million-us-customers-2017-9 :-\
  14. minasoliman

    MOVED: Matthew Heimbach's Beliefs in Relation to Orthodoxy (Split from Re: Buffered and Porous Selves)

    This topic has been moved to Politics. http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php?topic=67352.0
  15. minasoliman

    New Medeival Icons Uncovered in St. Bishoy's Monastery

    More here: http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/9/42/274317/Heritage/Coptic/Medieval-Coptic-wallpaintings-uncovered-at-Egyptia.aspx