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    For the repose of the soul of Les Paul

    Memory Eternal! Rock on dude!
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    NCAA final four

    Congrats to your Tigers ! Hope you can hang on to your coach !
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    NCAA final four

    Mizzou ? Aren`t they still Div. II ?
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    blessings for Barack

    Agreed.  Many Years!
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    Is smoking marijuana a sin?

    Way to resurrect a ancient thread, dude.
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    What does everyone look like?

    There`s reason why this thread died...... ::)   ..........and it has nothing to do with sarcasm.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

    Never a truer word spoken.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

      Careful.....Ozgeorge will have your head on a platter for mixing politics with.....er....politics.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

    Never mind .I found your definition. Your broad sweeping generalizations demonstrate a clear lack of historical perspective and and reek of self-loathing and a disdain for the sacrifices your parents and ancestors have made for you and all civilization.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

        Define "The American Dream".
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    A disturbing trend among Orthodox Christians

        ::) ::) ::) ::) :laugh:
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    Cubbies vs Dodgers

    Cubbies lost this one , but as a one time North-Sider , ( East Rodgers Park , Baby!)  I`m pullin for the CUBS!
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    What's with the Reminders - even though they're cute?

        I got a second from a Serb. That Officially makes it.....STUPID!