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  1. montalo

    Random Postings

    Not pretending that I'm back for good, but just stopping in again. Old name new board.
  2. montalo

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    Am I free to do nothing and keep the reverted name? Honestly wanted to get rid of TheMathematician handle anyways?
  3. montalo

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    It appears that my old name reverts prior to the change that I had back a while ago. No issues on my end, and I'll add the note as I did before and just keep it.
  4. montalo

    Random Postings

  5. montalo

    The Sports Thread

    1. Alabama didnt even deserve to be in the CFB, but congratulations are still in order. 2. Finally a bills playoff game, too bad the coaching is terrible. 3. Can it be baseball season yet? I love hocey, but Sabres have been terrible lately. 4. T20 cricket has proved to be a fantastic sport...
  6. montalo

    What's on your desktop?

    I honestly forgot trillian existed hahah
  7. montalo

    Need help returning

    I'm honestly not entirely sure. Could be laziness, could be a newly established routine(i wake up and go get coffee), im not sure. I was a lot better when i was in undergrad and relied on rides tog et to church, because i was responsible to someone and knew he(the man who would become my...
  8. montalo

    Need help returning

    So, update in my life. I've been to church maybe, three times in the past two or so years. Every week at about Wednesday or Thursday I promise myself to make it to church this coming Sunday, but I never manage to do it on Sunday. I'm terrible at starting ha it's, and keeping them even though...
  9. montalo

    I wish these people were still posting

    Weird, i didnt think i was gone long enough(or missed enough) to be included. looks like i only made a couple posts since the start of the new year
  10. montalo

    Facebook Feed

    At least on a phone, you can delete the FB app but leave the messenger app
  11. montalo

    The Sports Thread

    On the other hand, both teams had a full 60 minutes of gametime in which to possess the ball and to score and prevent scoring. SUdden death sucks, but it is supposed to. Hate it so much? then use the time given in order to win. Is it fair? yup. does it suck? yes, and it is supposed to
  12. montalo

    The Menswear Thread

    Opinions on sweater vests? Also sweaters/vests worn under a suit coat and without?
  13. montalo

    Why do they change the time two times in the year?

    I'm a huge fan of permanent summer time. I hate EST with a burning passion.
  14. montalo

    The Sports Thread

    Your signature is quite appropriate for this picture.
  15. montalo

    What video games are everyone playing lately?

    MLB the Show 16. Pokémon Rouge Pokemon X(barely) Starting ps4 skyrim. Soon to be: Pokemon Lune.