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  1. montalo

    Random Postings

    Not pretending that I'm back for good, but just stopping in again. Old name new board.
  2. montalo

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    Am I free to do nothing and keep the reverted name? Honestly wanted to get rid of TheMathematician handle anyways?
  3. montalo

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    It appears that my old name reverts prior to the change that I had back a while ago. No issues on my end, and I'll add the note as I did before and just keep it.
  4. montalo

    Need help returning

    So, update in my life. I've been to church maybe, three times in the past two or so years. Every week at about Wednesday or Thursday I promise myself to make it to church this coming Sunday, but I never manage to do it on Sunday. I'm terrible at starting ha it's, and keeping them even though...
  5. montalo

    Moving to Georgia(Atlanta)

    I know we have a few people from Georgia on here, so good place to ask. So I'm looking for a teaching job, and seriously considering Gwinnett County. So, what's Atlanta like, especially for a Northerner to get used to (buffalo, pittsburgh are places where I have lived)
  6. montalo

    Deacons giving Communion? (and sub too)

    So, I've recently started attending a new parish, and the Deacon and sub deacon are, in addition to the priest, administering Communion. Is this the norm, or wrong, or just something I've never seen before? I'm used to a single priest giving communion, or two if the parish has them and the need.
  7. montalo

    Was the U.S. Civil War Over Slavery?

    This discussion started here: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,63591.0.html  -PtA But in that time, how many slaves would have been killed in the meantime due to horrific conditions? Easily  could have been 1mil slaves, taking them at 3/5ths of a person like the...
  8. montalo

    To the Southerners on this Board: A tea question

    To our Southerners of this board, how do you make a proper Southern sweet tea? I find recipes that dont seem quite right, such as adding baking soda, so I leave the question to you How do you make it?
  9. montalo

    OCNet Memorable Threads

    Now, we have a thread for the most quotable quotes, but the focus sometimes gets focused on the tree, rather than the forest, and I see to remedy this: Post the best threads here on oc.net, with the same reasonings as a post, but that carry into the enitre thread
  10. montalo

    In a Matter of Writing(Speaking)

    So, I'm writing a final paper for one of my classes, and as such was brought to query here Would you rather write a singular 10 page paper, or 10 singular page papers?
  11. montalo


    Well then, have you?
  12. montalo

    The Culinary Thread

    More than just a recipie thread, but also techniques and flavour compositions that you believe work perfectly well for both home and professional cooking, and bringing the latter into the former (Yes I know the two recipie threads in the family section exist, but I intend to transcend those)...
  13. montalo

    Favourite Types of weather

    So, im sitting here longer for my favourite weather, and spawned a thread to discuss favourite weather patterns. Currently it is 13 and no weather, but I am longing for -10 and a metre of snow on the ground
  14. montalo

    A Shakespearian Proposal

    I am proposing an in-depth reading and discussion of a singular Shakespearian play, and that we take a week to discuss each act, so that everyone who wishes can both participate and keep up with reading on a hectic schedule. Anyone interested?
  15. montalo

    Excelsior, the Greatest State of New York

    Since this thread has, somehow, never been created, here we are: The topic to discuss New York State