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    For a friendship at risk....

    Lord have mercy.
  2. Musicnerd88

    For Basil

    Lord have mercy.
  3. Musicnerd88

    For a chief with anger

    Lord have mercy.
  4. Musicnerd88

    For my husband and for peace of mind.

    My husband is an Advanced EMT and is often away for work.  This leaves me home alone with our five-month-old for days at a time on a very frequent basis.  This pandemic has had my anxiety spiking out of control.  Please pray for my husband's safety and my peace of mind.  Lord have mercy.
  5. Musicnerd88

    For Fr. George (not OC.Net's Fr. George)

    Lord have mercy.
  6. Musicnerd88

    For My Wife

    Lord have mercy!
  7. Musicnerd88

    For health

    Lord have mercy.
  8. Musicnerd88

    For me and my baby.

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in the new year.  Please pray that everything goes well.
  9. Musicnerd88

    I lost contact with an old friend

    Lord have mercy!
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    Prayer for help with a tax problem

    Lord have mercy!
  11. Musicnerd88

    For a newborn

    Many years!
  12. Musicnerd88

    Pray for me

    Lord have mercy.