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    Angels in the "Extreme Humility" icon

    Hello all, Question: Do the two angels in some versions of the "extreme humility" icon represent the sun and moon, as they do in the Crucifixion icon? Or something else?
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    Unusual censer type

    Is anyone familiar with this odd, lamp-like censer type? Is it used like a normal censer? This is one example of a few I've seen.
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    "Mysterious" writing on back of icon: An mystery

    Hello, everyone! Here's an mystery. I came across this icon of Christ at at a local shop. It's in rough shape and may or may not have a printed face, hard to tell with the cracking. Hand-painted decorations on the gold leaf. Russian-style Christ as king icon. What really piqued my...
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    For the recovery of a loved one

    Thank you
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    For Ann

    Lord have mercy.
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    Working with Roman Catholic organizations: Why not?

    The question arises: How do we get Orthodox ministries off the ground in Europe and the Americas? We can pool our money in an Orthodox charity that does work mostly far away from the average hometown (FOCUS), or be part of a women’s or men’s club organization of the old sort (Philoptochos) or...
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    We need ministries for acts of mercy – help identify them

    Parishes and Orthodox Christian groups should engage in the sort of ministry called “Acts of Mercy” or “Works of Mercy.” Often in English we call this sort of ministry “alms-giving,” but alms-giving is only one sort of Act of Mercy. Activities that identify with the other and love others (the...
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    The Commodification of Orthodox Judaism
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    The purpose-driven life

    AFR has stripped away all pretense of being a non-protestant org:
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    Papa Francis---new hit single

    Papa Francis by Emily Clarke Why do we not have this for each Patriarch?
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    Sister Vassa: On Women & "Ritual Impurity" in Orthodoxy

    On Women & "Ritual Impurity" (COFFEE WITH SR. VASSA PODCAST - EPISODE 74) Sister Vassa, who previously wrote coherently on this topic, has just made a likewise-coherent podcast on this topic.
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    For an engagement

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    Eugene priest arrested, charged w/ purchasing sex w/ juvenile used as coke mule
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    Young Penitent, rare and unreleased

    You've all heard the blowout single A Tribute to Fr. Seraphim Rose. But you haven't heard his other fireworks: Young Penitent - Orthodox Christian Rapper (Idle Tree) For the ladies: Young Penitent - Ruthless OFFICIAL VIDEO...
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    Gay Community Pens Open Letter to the Council