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    "Orthodoxy's Achilles Heel" Catholic post

    I had to read this three times because I couldn't believe what it stated.  If this were indeed fact, then the Holy Spirit must have been high when he sanctioned the election of some prior popes! The procedure governing papal elections had always been vague prior to 1059.  In theory, it was...
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    Destined to Hell for not being Catholic anymore

    AMEN FATHER! I have been fighting this battle regarding the Catholicity of the Orthodox Church both here and elsewhere for years!  Have even been banned on other discussion groups for doing so.  As I told my most recent convert who I sponsore &  whose family is giving him trouble for converting...
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    St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church To Be Rebuilt At Ground Zero / St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to be rebuilt!!!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press@DemosforCongress.com Brookhaven, NY- George Demos, the Conservative Republican candidate for US Congress in New York's First District, who helped lead the effort to bring national attention to the plight of the 9/11 Church today praised Governor Cuomo for...
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    New monastery opens in Ukraine

    Good move!!!! Orthodoc
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    Metropolitan Christopher + Memory Eternal!

    You are right!  I failed to notice the date before I posted it.  I wonder why Orthodox-Theology reposted it at this time.  My apology! Orthodoc
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    Metropolitan Christopher + Memory Eternal!

    It's a notification received from Orthodox-heology Orthodoc
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    Metropolitan Christopher + Memory Eternal!

    His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher, Serbian Orthodox Primate in U.S. and Canada Chicago, August 20, 2010 -- His Eminence Christopher, Metropolitan of Libertyville-Chicago and Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S. and Canada, died Wednesday at the age of 82. The Rev. Dr...
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    Orthodoxy Growing In Slovka & Czech Lands

    By Aimilios Polygenis September 24, 2011 Romfea.gr "The number of Orthodox in the Czech Republic is increasing every day," said the Metropolitan Christopher of the Czech Republic and All Slovakia in an interview. His Beatitude the Metropolitan of Czech spoke of increased faith compared to...
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    Archbishop Dmitri fell asleep in the Lord!

    Memory Eternal!!!!  My God his soul eternal peace and rest!  He was well loved by so many.  Including myself. Orthodoc
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    Calling for Prayers for Archbishop Dimitri of Dallas

    Latest email from my foster son on Archbishop Dimitri. ======================================================================================= George, Taras, Fr. Ambrose, and a couple of other folks from Tulsa came down for the Unction Service last night.  It was very moving to see hundreds...
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    Calling for Prayers for Archbishop Dimitri of Dallas

    My foster son called me late last night to let me know he had just come from the Cathedral in Dallas where they had a special healing service and Holy Unction for Archbishop Dimitri.  He said the Cathedral was packed with people.  They brought the Archbishop in sitting on a wheel chair.  He...
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    What is the difference between the Byzantine church and the greek orthodox churc

    I agree.  One of the first things these bishops have to do is stop teaching that their church is the bridge that will reunite both churches.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  Even the RCC doesn't believe or proclaim that anymore.  If anything, their church is the biggest hinderence...
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    What is the difference between the Byzantine church and the greek orthodox churc

    JR: Yes I guess it is confusing for you as well as others who do not know or fully understand how, what you call the Byzantine Rite papal Catholic Church' came into existence in Eastern Europe in late 16th and early 17th century. As the old saying goes....'It's not what's on the outside that...
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    The Vatican and Unia more oppressive than the Stalinist Regime

    You write: "The teaching of my Church is that every bishop is a vicar of Christ.  The catholicity of the Church is found in every see of every Bishop in the Body of Christ." "Now you have to reconcile that with the papal teaching...because that is what my Church does.' Response:  Finally...
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    The Vatican and Unia more oppressive than the Stalinist Regime

    If this is true then why do you refuse to teach us or correct us by being more specific instead of reverting to talking in circles or around an issue under discussion? Orthodoc