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    I need prayers for my wife and my unborn baby

    Glory to God for all things I have just learned that my wife is pregnant about 7 weeks but there is something problem with her womb for this 3 weeks. We need your prayer for my wife and my unborn baby whom we have been waiting for almost 6 years. Please we need your prayers. In Christ, TIM
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    I need prayers for my new role in my Church

    I was just called by my priest and he asked me to be a protopsaltis. It will be started on next upcoming Sunday. Seriously, I have no idea but I have to obey him. Now I have to learn by myself Octheochos, troparion and all hymns in divine liturgy, at least Apolytikion ressurection tone 7...
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    Famous Orthodox Christians

    Yes, Indeed. She is very kind and nice to everybody. I go to the same church with her family. Her sons are famous entertainers. Sebastianos Gibran Marten and Laurentios Gading Marten
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    Indonesian Orthodox?

    Saya lihat banyak orang Indonesia di forum ini tapi cuma jadi lurker saja. Ayo kita ngobrol disini... mumpung gratis  :laugh:
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    Oriental Orthodox Picture of the Day

    Perhaps it's in North Sumatera island.
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    Easter Hymns!

    Rejoice O Pure Virgin, The Lady full of grace! Beautiful!
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    Picture of the Day

    My daughter is smiling to Theotokos It is taken when the churching of her mom 40 days after her birth.
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    For the soul of Drew

    Lord have mercy Memory eternal to Drew
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    Prayers for John diagnosed with cancer

    Lord have mercy. Please pray before the icon of Theotokos Lady Pantanassa
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    Picture of the Day

    Only evil who will attack Serbian Church just like only evil have attacked Coptic churches in Egypt. I think evil will don't care with that picture  ;)
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    Picture of the Day

    For people like me who didn't know that in Serbian church there is tradition to put offerings near the icon, may be it will be seen negative, how come someone treat the icon like that. But somehow I understand now that I believe there is no indication to make a joke in that picture. Thanks for...
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    W.A.G.-word association game

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    Ban the person above

    Banned for acting as victim
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    How often you come to Church?

    Almost every Sunday I go to church taking my daughter to sunday school then attend liturgy with my wife. The exciting part after liturgy is having lunch together with all parishioners ;)