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    Orthodox-Catholic Intercommunion in Pennsylvania?!

    I was recently told online by a man who claims to belong to the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh that he freely receives Communion in Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches alike. I couldn't find anything on the Archeparchy's website to indicate whether this is their policy, and...
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    Forgiveness Phrases at Forgiveness Vespers

    Is it proper for a layman to say 'The Lord forgives, and I forgive' in response to a request for forgiveness at Forgiveness Vespers? I've heard it done but it sounds vaguely clerical.
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    It is common in popular Christianity (certainly among evangelicals, but others as well, I think) to say things like "I don't believe in coincidence" or "there's no such thing as coincidence." Do the Fathers talk about this idea at all, either for or against?
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    Do Individuals Belong to Rites?

    This is just a quick question, but basically: Does an individual belong to a Rite in the way that he belongs to a "particular Church" in Catholicism? For instance, I will almost certainly be baptized in a Byzantine-Rite parish. If I move to another city and start attending a Western Rite...
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    Canonical Icons of Christ

    Does anyone know which canons stipulate which events in Our Lord's life may be depicted, and in particular if there are any canonical icons of Him carrying the Cross?
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    Renewed Like The Eagle's?

    There are many references in the DL to one's youth being "renewed like the eagle's." What does this mean?
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    I am a catechumen

    Today I was accepted into the catechumenate of the Orthodox Church in America. Some of my family members came and watched, which was nice. Anyway, I don't really have anything terribly profound to say about it, but in case some of you know me well enough to care yet, I thought I'd post it. P.S...
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    Baptism: A Barrier To Reunion?

    If I understand correctly, the Catholic Church allows anyone, even an unbaptized person, to perform a Catholic baptism in an emergency, provided he uses the correct matter, follows the correct form, and has correct intent. Contrariwise, the Orthodox Church maintains that even emergency baptism...
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    Can just one Bishop consecrate?

    I know that in general, at least three bishops are supposed to consecrate another bishop. What I'm wondering is: In an emergency (if he were the only Bishop on the continent and in danger of death, for instance), could just one Bishop do it? Would such a consecration be (to use Latin...
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    A Question For Catholics: Sacraments and "Intent"

    As I understand it, a precondition in Catholic theology for a sacrament to be valid is that the one performing the sacrament must have the correct intent. In the case of baptism, it is said, even an atheist can perform it if he uses the correct matter and form and has the correct intent. My...
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    Spiritual Father vs. Confessor vs. Regular Old Priest

    I've seen these terms used in several different ways, and I'm all confused. Can someone give me the straight dope on what the difference is (if any) between a spiritual father, a confessor, and your ordinary parish priest who hears your confessions? If/when I convert, I presumably will confess...