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    Orthodox Memes

    For those not in the know, meme "a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users."'em if you got'em.
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    Matthew 12:36

    "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."
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    How much we love WPM! <3

    Why do you post on every single thread? Half of the things you say make no sense at all, it's like you are just posting so your post numbers go up.
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    DIY Church Goods

    There is a new Skete starting near me and they don't have a lot of money for materials so I am on the look out of any blue prints or ideas for DIY church goods, liturgical items etc. I went on Facebook Market Place and was able to find some beautiful brass candle stand for procession and put in...
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    Uncut Mountain Supply quality?

    I am looking at buying the icon of Christ "Pantocrator" of Mount Sinai because I love that icon and it's also at the monastery where my name saint was abbot (John of the Ladder). I am looking at Legacy Icons and their 6"x12" is $39.95 and I have a few of their icons and love the quality but I...
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    Seeking blueprints for an Analogion

    I've been wanting to get a podium for my prayer corner so I don't have to keep holding the heavy books but most of them are to short or to expensive. The analogions that some priests use are the perfect height however it's a mystery where churches find these things because I can't find them...
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    How do you get to Holy Trinity Monastery without a car?

    I want to visit Holy Trinity Monastery in upstate New York but this is one of the few monasteries that doesn't offer to have you picked up (which I can understand). I was looking on Google maps and it seems to be about 3 hours away from LaGuardia Airport but unfortunately I couldn't find any...
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    Looking for female saints who are good with children

    I know that St Nicholas is the patron saint of children but I am trying to find a female equivalent for a lady friend of mine so she can relate a little better. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Forgive me

    On this forgiveness Sunday I beg for everyone's forgiveness. Forgive me if I've ever done or said anything that caused you to have any emotion or thoughts towards me that wasn't love.
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    Fr Joachim Parr not who he says he is, has spent years lying about his past

    Firstly I just want to say I am not one to judge. The action of this priest are in the hands of his bishop and God. I am simply posting this information so others can be made aware. I have met this man personally a few times and he seems like a generally nice man but the sad truth is he has been...
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    Leaving the world this week

    Finally after much waiting, prayer, despair, ups and downs I will be leaving the world for the monastic life. I won't be disclosing where I am going but I wanted to humbly ask forgiveness from all of you for my past words, actions, immaturity and downfalls which could have hurt, upset or have...
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    Where Monasticism Meets Endurance

    I saw this article on Trail Runner Mag's website and thought it was pretty cool to see an Orthodox article in a major running magazine.
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    Actor Tom Hanks visits Orthodox church in Antarctica

    " Famous actor Tom Hanks visited the Orthodox church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Antarctica at the Russian polar station “Bellingshausen” on Waterloo Island, Deacon Maxim Gerb, a cleric of the church in Antarctica, told the journal Foma. “Many interesting people visit our church, including...
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    Hard year

    Just asking for prayers. I've been having a pretty rough year. This year I turned 30, I've been trying to join a monastery since I was 25 and still no luck. Joining a monastery isn't like it use to be where you could just walk to one and join. Now-a-days you go through a lot of trials. The last...