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    Effect of canonical differences in the Oriental Orthodox church

    When we come across rather complicated situations... we deal with them as best we can. If a person is married to someone who is "formally" a Catholic, and is from the Middle East, but who has been receiving communion for years and functions as an Orthodox, then they are Orthodox as far as I am...
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    Validity of Sacraments outside the Oriental Communion?

    I don't think that Lutherans have preserved the Apostolic Faith. And so much of Lutheranism has given way to liberalism. Likewise Anglicanism. Which Lutheranism and which Anglicanism are we encountering? I am sympathetic and many of my friends are traditional Anglicans but Anglicanism and...
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    Converting from OO to EO

    I know of two priests. One was EO and became OO without being reordained, and later became EO again without being reordained. And I know another who was OO and became EO without being reordained.
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    Accepting the councils of EO

    The problem is always what different EO mean by accepting the later councils. Here is a paper I have written about accepting the councils...
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    Do the Orientals consider Ambrose, Basil, Chrysostom, and Gregory Theologian as Saints?

    Since we have never doubted that Christ is both fully and perfectly divine and fully and perfectly human, I am not sure what you are asking?
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    Do the Orientals consider Ambrose, Basil, Chrysostom, and Gregory Theologian as Saints?

    All of these are certainly considered saints and Fathers of the Oriental Orthodox communion. I quoted from St Ambrose several times in something I wrote just today.
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    Minor OO-related questions

    I was looking at the Gospel case on the altar in my church and I will take some pictures at the weekend and show you. It is a case with a small volume of the Gospels inside and has a symbolic value rather than being the Gospels which are used in the Church for reading. The metal, often silver...
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    British Orthodox Vagante Church

    I am sad to see that the "British Orthodox Church" has gone into full vagante mode and now has... 1 Patriarch, 2 Bishops, 1 Priest and 1 Deacon. The bishops assistant, has now been made a third bishop - again without the participation of three bishops - and has the right to succeed as the...
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    Fast of Nineveh

    The Coptic Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox and Church of the East keep the Fast of Nineveh for 3 days in the period before Great Lent, and it was introduced into Egypt through the influence of Syrian Patriarchs of Alexandria. Do the Armenians know this Fast?
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    No polemics - Rules

    I have re-read the rules for this forum, and I will apply them in the future, even though it is hard because I am also participating in the discussion. But rule #1 for discourse here is that non-OO don't get to come to this area of the site and call OO heretics. It makes conversation...
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    Wearing hats in the Liturgy

    I'm interested in the use of priestly headgear in the Church. I have read Ramz Mikhail's excellent paper on the subject, and it seems that priests only began to wear hats under Syrian influence in the Monastery of the Syrians in the 11th/12th century and it spread from there, at first being...
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    Non-Alcoholic Communion wine

    I'm interested in knowing to what extent this has become normal in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and if it is a practice in other OO churches.