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  1. PJ

    Wanting to get back into religious forums, but ...

    Ultimately, the thing about religious forum is that you can cover a vice up with virtue.
  2. PJ

    Scaring people into conversion

    Memory from my childhood ... https://www1.cbn.com/content/flying-house-episode-22 (Skip to 7:30 if you want.)
  3. PJ

    Article: Good Reasons to be a Christian.

    I wish this was set up as a survey: I'm curious how the 5 reasons in the article fit into people's decisions to be Christian.
  4. PJ

    Old catholic mass now restricted (Traditiones Custodes)

    Although I realize this thread has been dormant for a month, I'd like to chime in at least to say this thread is pretty comical. GG OCnet. :)
  5. PJ

    Wanting to get back into religious forums, but ...

    "while you still can" seems like a very long time ago.
  6. PJ

    Are there still Mysteries and Secrets in Christianity, if so why?

    Can you give us some idea what you have in mind when you talk about secrets? Do you have any reason to believe that there are secrets?
  7. PJ

    I can only imagine what Blessed Fr. Seraphim Rose would think about today's society (Video)

    IDK what he would say about it, but I think people have gotten a little nuts with their social media and smartphone use etc.
  8. PJ

    Wanting to get back into religious forums, but ...

    In my younger days I spent a good deal of time (too much) in religious (RC, EC, and EO) discussion forums. Now, after some years away (or mostly away) from them, I'm interested in getting back into the game. But then when I try to do so ... when I guess I'm just "not feeling it" so to speak...
  9. PJ

    How weird were the "Lost Behind" books, really?

    Must have a been a slinky dog joke.
  10. PJ

    Catholic Answers Forum is closing shop

    If you'll forgive me for coming in even later than other late-comers, I have to say Wow. Time was, CAF seemed like one of those banks that couldn't possibly ever fail.
  11. PJ

    Do any Protestants still post here?

    Do any Protestants still post here?
  12. PJ

    Personal life?

    Hi all. I'm curious how you see the relationship between participation on this forum and your personal life. I ask because, in thinking about my own participation here (which admittedly hasn't happened very much this year, but that's beside the point) I feel like I've been here not so much as a...
  13. PJ

    Anyone still on CAF?

    Is anyone here still on the Catholic Answers Forum (CAF)?
  14. PJ

    New Age (and the like) in Movies/TV

    Hi all. The particular question I have in mind is: Do you worry about this sort of thing at all (e.g. that we're "inundated" with it)? But also open to other questions on the topic.
  15. PJ

    Orthodox sources using "ecclesial communities"?

    Hi everybody. Does anyone know of any Orthodox sources that used the phrase "ecclesial communities" (a staple of Catholic documents) before a month ago? Orthodox-wiki doesn't contain that phrase, and I don't recall e.g. any Orthodox patriarch using it until the recent Joint Declaration of Pope...