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    This Will Ruin Your Day (Especially if You are a Beekeeper in Japan).

    Japanese Giant Hornets. And a Wikipedia article. The bolded part is demonstrated in the video. Hopefully, they don't bring this to America like they did to the Africanized Honey Bee.
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    Oh My...

    :-\ Words cannot describe... It is not allowed to post naked links. You need to explain WHAT and WHY you are posting these links.  "Words cannot describe" is not enough.  I know the explanation is implied...
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    Logging In Difficulties.

    In an unfortunate incident involving an incredibly awesome joke and a hot cup of coffee, I had to get a new computer and a new cup of coffee. Anyways, I logged in yesterday, posted, closed Safari, and then went to bed. On the old computer I could log in and it would stay logged even after...
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    Masoretic Vs. Septuagint

    Why do Protestants usually prefer the Masoretic over the Septuagint?
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    A Prayer Request and a Temporary Farewll

    I don't want to get into too many details, but recently I've been having many family emergencies pop up and none of it is looking too good.  I've also got many questions I need to consider in the near future like whether or not I should go to seminary or a monastery, or if I should wait a little...
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    Joshua Blahyi

    What do you guys think about Joshua Blahyi...
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    HELP: Guitar Making

    I've made instruments before, but this would be my first stringed instrument.  What wood do you recommend I use?  I don't have a budget but since it is my first time I would rather not buy or ruin my tools with ebony if at all avoidable.  I'm not looking for world class quality just some wood to...
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    If You Could Pick a Different Saint

    If you could pick a different saint to be your patron, who would it be? Mine, would be St. Barnabas (in case you couldn't tell, I'm a little nuts over his interpretation of Mosaic law) Feel free to choose more than one...
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    The Sacraments

    What role (if any) do the sacraments play in salvation???
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    My New Role Model When I'm older, I'm going to model my life after this guy in every way other than this incident.
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    Proof of Time Travel

    I was reading a Wikipedia article on a list of heresies and I found something which caught my eye (Original article Other articles are: See...
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    Saddest and Most Poorly Done Documentary I Have Ever Seen

    I don't know what's sadder, the fact that this exists or the fact that it has almost 400,000 views and only 297 dislikes Can someone cheer me up with a worse documentary
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    Is our Current Bible Simply a Readers Digest Version of God's Inspired Word

    I also noticed in the helps area that it said "or 904." The NRSV/A translates a VERY different number, ninety-four, but the original KJV/AV says 204/904.  And also what about the other seventy for the wise ones to read (possibly bishops?) where are these books?  If it really is a massive amount...
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    I'm Confused About the Celtic Orthodox Church states that they are not Nestorians it sounds awfully Nestorian yet claims all seven Holy Ecumenical Councils can someone help me?
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    End of the World Music

    in a completely random and hypothetical situation  ;) let's say the world is about to end, what would you listen to? I'd probably listen to "When the Levee Breaks" by: Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie (never liked the Led Zeplin version as much) what about