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    Pronounciation of Church Slavonic - Ukrainian or Carpatho-Rusyn

    The Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh on its remarkable Metropolitan Cantor Institute webpage has uploaded many of Father Papp's recordings. THey are near the bottom of the page cited. His diction is precise. Many of us on the Orthodox side used the Papp material as a guide...
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    The Local Orthodox Church will exist in Ukraine-UOC-KP

    This is all about pride, power, Ukrainian nationalism, Russian nationalism and little about canonicity.
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    ZENIT - Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew’s Letter to Pope Francis

    Irony time people.  If the Russian Orthodox had loosely used the "heretic, anathama to you" sort of language some of you so passionately urge in say 1890 it would have been unlikely that St. Alexis Toth would have led his Greek Catholic flocks into Orthodoxy 'en masse' and a generation later had...
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    Romanian Liturgy

    Much of the OCA in the Midwest retained earlier Carpatho-Russian practice...
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    Melkite Synod in 'rebellion'

    While the Orthodox Holy Synod is mired in controversy, apparently the Synod of the Melkite Greek Catholics is having their own problems. Apparently taking the 'Orthodox in union with Rome' concept to a higher level, 10 of the 22 bishops boycotted the June Synod prompting this reaction from the...
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    Priest saying Christ is Risen to the congregation while censing

    I too rarely log in but I have to side 200% with Mor and Father H here. You think congregational participation is 'bad', well I wish you all would have been at the ACROD event last Sunday in Georgia when a church filled with congregants from up and down the east coast joined in prayer in one...
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    OCNetters and the Divine Liturgy

    I love this one... " Only on Sundays or feasts where they give you something free" My dad, an Orthodox priest for decades, had a running joke about 'give away' Sundays....he said it was like the ball park on bat day..... For too many he would say, the chance at salvation was not enough......
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    Stations of the Cross

    I'd also add the oft hurled complaint about 'imagination' and 'emotion' is a red herring in many cases - not all -but it being Great Friday I will refrain from arguing the point..
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    Time of Pascha

    I'd speculate that the spread of the prevailing custom  of midnight observance took place after the unions of Brest and Uzhorod in the seventeeth century or so in that the prior custom of Matins prior to Sunrise followed by Liturgy was the norm in what is now the western Ukraine, Slovakia...
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    ROCOR response to Pan-Orthodox Council documents (discussion)

    Fear of upsetting the status quo... But...it does seem to me that challenging AND upsetting the status quo was part of what Christ confronted in His mission and lifetime and what the early Christians had to courage to do..... 
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    Priest mistaken for KKK member

    I think it is more about the total.ignorance of religion among many young Americans.
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    NLM - “Our Fidelity to the See of Peter”

    I would not recommend walking into most UOCUSA parishes or ACROD parishes and try defending the MP's complicity with the Communists with respect to the Greek Catholics in the post war era. Go for it if you want, but don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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    NYT: Evangelicals find fertile ground in war-torn Ukraine

    Most of you are making general observations. I suspect that the religious strife in Ukraine among the various factions of Eastern Christianity and the ethnic battles makes this issue more acute and distinct. After all Ukraine has more than a thousand years of Christian heritage from east and the...