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    The way ppl are and the way ppl think about themselves

    Do you think people are... Mostly good and think of themselves as mostly good... Mostly good and think of themselves as mostly bad... Mostly bad and think of themselves as mostly good... or Mostly bad and think of themselves as mostly bad? I think people are mostly good and think of themselves...
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    Does that make me 1/4 famous?

    A bunch of kids found one of my so so bad poems online and used it as a class project, a bunch of tweets came at me from tweenies asking my name so they could reference me in their work, too funny!
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    Understanding The Church

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ    (the peace upon you and mercy of God and blessings) I want ask about some thing I find really difficult about Orthodoxy or my perception of it without either being antagonistic for the sakes of it, or causing offense accidentally which is...
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    removing a girl child from her mother

    In Orthodoxy does a child of divorced parents have to go live with the father when she is 9 because she needs a mahram? In Islam this is the case
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    What is home in Orthodoxy?

    I have been tasked to make a home. Growing up in the system I didn't have one and while that might seem to be mostly unhelpful, some of what you learn has been a lot helpful to me. Such as not accumilating belongings, being able to let go of belongings and other stuff really quick with no...
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    What is it that is comforting about Orthodoxy?

    I can't tell what it is but if I look at pictures of a service or listen to some people singing or when I read posts more related to life's a comfort, it's relaxing to me. I show up here every new years eve/day and read or listen to stuff. I don't know if it's the aesthetics or...
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    The future for Muslims and Christians in the west

    Peace and blessings Do you think that Muslims and Christians will ever get along in terms of jointly standing together on some religious/moral issues? I'm thinking more of in the west where the alliance could be useful in terms of local councils, govt. etc... or do you think there is too much...
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    Saint Paul said it was better...why please?

    Why did Saint Paul advocate singleness? I know why he encouraged some to marry, I don't need to know about that. Is it better to not marry because marriage in Christianity is likened to Christ and The Church which is a pure communion between two people in life and spiritually. Therefore it is...
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    If Music Be The Food of Love - Play On

    I'm sure I had an old thread on this but I can't find it, I have been looking for a while. Sorry for asking again a year or two later. MUSIC! Omdz I just cannot put this one to bed. How important is music in the Christian religion? I noticed when I attended DL that no hymns were sung like in a...
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    How can we find the objective truth in faith when we are subject to our....idk

    nafs? Self? Needs? idk How much are we guided by that in what religion we choose? It influences every decision we make surely? So then how can we find out anything objectively? Like say for instance 'you' fall in love with a Syrian girl who happens to be Muslim and you got it bad, like you...
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    Symbolism in Baptisms

    Why, at the end of a baptism service of a baby, does the baby get held up by the priest and moved up and down, sideways to sideways in the sign of the cross? 1) Do these symbolic actions come directly from Jesus himself? 2) If the fathers over the centuries have added them to the service, even...
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    Some topics about Allah (swt) should not be pulled apart and discussed

    Peace and blessings of Allah (swt) to all who are on the straight path. Such as the nature and attributes of All Mighty Allah. They should just be accepted and thought upon with a lot of contemplation and gratitude. Not pulled apart and examined in the same way that people talk about common...
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    Has anyone ever been like "hmm har" about Islam?

    Was it Jesus that made your mind up for you? (I mean the issue of Jesus' deity) or was it something else?
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    Why do Orthodox people refer to Peter and Paul more than Jesus words??

    This is the impression i got when pulling stuff from the bible. Mostly St Peter or St Paul is quoted but not much Jesus actual words is. Its like Jesus is only mentioned as Gods solution to the problem of sin and death sometimes other than that all his words he said himself are not mentioned much.
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    Whats your favourite sweets?? (candy)

    Its no point just saying the brand because we all live in different places so you have to describe it. Mine is a lemon hard candy with sherbet fizz powder inside and when you crack it with your teeth you get the fizz but the lemon is really lemony