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    Apostol (Book of Epistles) in english used by Romanian parishes

    Of course I agree that blind ethnicity can be a real problem. And by and large, I would say that it is more of an issue in Canada than in the U.S. in most jurisdictions. However, some clarification is needed here. You mention the "OCA cathedral" in Toronto. It is not a cathedral in the sense...
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    Apostol (Book of Epistles) in english used by Romanian parishes

    In Ottawa, this response was understandable, since the English-language OCA Cathedral (which also currently has a separate liturgy in Church Slavonic) and an English-language Carpatho-Russian parish are located quite close to the ROCOR church. The Antiochians in Ottawa also use lots of English.
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    For the health of my father

    Lord, have mercy.
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    Orthodox confession

    Simply erroneous. Nonsense. And the member who posted pages from a book on the thread you link to on the "spiritual hospital" shows that this is dead wrong, whatever the manner in which the book was interpreted on the aforementioned thread. Also, the juxtaposition you make between "Church"...
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    Please pray for me!

    Lord, have mercy.
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    For Angela and her family

    Memory eternal.
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    I haven't been there on a Sunday or feast day in quite a while, so I wouldn't know which direction to point you in when it comes to Orthodox parishes. It's certainly an interesting place to visit. North American, but polyglot with French and English dominating (depending on where you go or who...
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    Baptism of Catholics?

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    Can you keep me in your prayers, if you can?

    Lord, have mercy!
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    Doctors & Psychotherapists: Butchers & Liars (Jordan Peterson)

    How many times does one have to resort to using green ink before things are understood? PLEASE KEEP POLITICS OUT OF THE DISCUSSION or the thread will be moved to Politics and whoever has made political comments may receive a warning.
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    Doctors & Psychotherapists: Butchers & Liars (Jordan Peterson)

    I don't agree with him on everything, by any means, but I think he may be exactly right about this.
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    GOARCH elects letter-forging defrocked archimandrite to episcopate

    This is simply an incorrect understanding. Also: http://forums.orthodoxchristianity.net/threads/baptism-of-catholics.79885/post-1636701