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    What faith would you be if you weren't Orthodox?

    That is not at all how the Catholics are meant to see the pope and they do not. Infallibility does not mean not being able to make a mistake. I'll let a more learned poster or RC poster explain further if you want.
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    A Discussion on Fornication (Link to my webcast)

    Cleopas I would really like to hear about what your podcast is actually about if you could graciously give a synopsis or dot points. Reason being my internet has been shaped (yes in australia we are a little behind you guys with internet infrastructure).
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    arguments against pro-gay: what to say?

    Hey guys, I have had a little break from the forum and sadly its threads like this that are the reason. I'm pretty sure Christ didn't say "love thy neighbor (but not if they are gay)" This anachronistic attitude that sexuality was such a separate and definable concept over 200 years ago is non...
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    Why do women go through purification after childbirth?

    I listened to a podcast today by Fr. Thomas Hopko about the Nativity. The purification ritual was discussed a little bit, Fr. Thomas said that the ritual is more a reinforcement that we are sinners and that we are to humble ourselves before God just having partaken in a divine act (the act of...
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    Why ask for forgiveness?

    Think of it like asking for medication or healing from a doctor for your illness or ailments
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    Legion: Another Disgusting Blasphemy of a Movie

    Left 4 dead = brilliant
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    There's a good chance I'm gonna be a Dad.

    There is probably a good reason George didn't post, possibly it could be personal?
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    My grandmother is dying

    Lord have mercy on Myrtle scamandrius having gone through this only a few months ago I feel your pain, May God bless your family at this time and may Myrtle have a peaceful time on this earth.
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    Note the differences - EO & OO

    Shultz forgive me for my blatent ecumenism, of course I should have bowed down to the superiority of the One, Holy and Apostolic Cuisine of Pan Eastern European culture :D
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    Note the differences - EO & OO

    Ethiopians IMHO have better food
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    Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

    Galatians 3:28 (King James Version) 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. If our identity in Christ is sexless then why is our priesthood? Again just like George I am not for one side or the...
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    Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

    Why don't we still stone people? Why do we not believe the Earth to be flat? Why do we allow divorce in the Church? Why do we allow woman to speak in the church? Jesus was also a 1st century Jew, that doesn't make it a requirement. In this debate I have only heard one really well thought...
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    Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

    There is a difference between attachment and True Love. When Christ told us to follow him we must hate our parents, this is the sort of Love he was calling us to.
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    Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

    With an issue as big as this I would hope that any arguments brought up have sources instead of feelings. We must remember that the decisions of the Church are based on what is good to us and the Holy Spirit.
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    Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

    Interesting, How can God have feelings then? I understand. But listen please. Feeling is one thing and facts are another. How would you feel if I said "I feel Native Americans shouldn't be preists?" It hasn't been done for nearly 2000 years, now as a sane person I would expect you to go...