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    Short Video of an Ordination to the Priesthood

    Hi, This is Abouna Kyrillos' wife. He asked me to post a quick note for him since he has limited access from the monastery. He says to thank you all for the kind comments. Several of his sermons as a deacon are available on the website of St. Demiana's church. www.stdemiana.com. Click on...
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    Short Video of an Ordination to the Priesthood

    Dear Friends, Greetings to you from the monastery of St. Bishoi in Wadi El Natrun Egypt. I am almost half-way through my 40 days... I have very limited access to email/internet but I wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the nice comments about my ordination. Please remember me in...
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    The Departure of Mother Irini

    Dear EkhristosAnesti, Please do download those MP3's and let us know where we can download them ourselves. Thank you! In Christ, Raouf
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    Elimination of Diaspora

    Dear Jason, What you suggest would be more in line with the canons of the Church.  But from a practical standpoint, I think we are a long way from it.  I think the Eastern Orthodox might do that sooner than us...they have been here longer and have strong unity of Rite, along with a growing % of...
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    A Feel Good story

    We have an icon corner where we say family prayers and I have a 9 year old son and 3 1/2 year old daughter that simply can't wait for evening prayers!  We have a system where they each take turns blowing out the vigil lamp (which of course for my 3 year old is one of the highlights)..but of...
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    Help please - need quotes/references

    Asteriktos, Thank you very much for those references...indeed I can see some relavant material in them. In Christ, Raouf
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    Help please - need quotes/references

    Dear Friends, I am looking for some quotes, sayings, stories, sermons, etc...by the Church Fathers or modern holy elders regarding the topics of Virginity and Purity. Specifically, I am referring to pre-marital virginity/purity not celibacy vs. marriage. The purpose is for a talk with youth...
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    Parallel Bibles - Which ones?

    Thanks...that one seems perfect except it doesn't include the NKJV.  If you know of another one similar to this that includes it, let me know. In Christ, Raouf
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    Parallel Bibles - Which ones?

    I would like to purchase a Parallel Bible that includes the New King James version...but I don't know what other translations I should look for in my selection? I assume that a Parallel Bible should have some wide contrasting versions (very literal vs. intended meaning) but I am not familiar...
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    Orthodox Audio Bible Commentary

    Has anyone bought this? Opinions? http://www.ocabs.org/oab.html It looks like the only one available currently is Galatians...would love to know if people think its worth the money. In Christ, Raouf
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    Frustrating Times

    Dear Dimitrius, Long time no see! Hope all is well with you and the family...hope to see you at St. Demiana's soon. BTW - for those who don't know, Dimitrius is an excellent preacher of the word of God! In Christ, Raouf
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    The Holy Spirit - the love between the Father and the Son?

    Friends, I was recently listening to a series of talks by the RC Apologist and writer, Dr. Scott Hahn (who is excellent IMO).  In these talks, he repeatedly and forcefully conveyed the cocept of the Holy Trinity in this way (my paraphrase): "The Father eternally begets and fathers the Son.  He...
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    Archimandrite Zacharias

    What...nobody has read this? Raouf
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    Archimandrite Zacharias

    Has anyone read this book: Christ, Our Way and Our Life: A Presentation of the Theology of Archimandrite Sophrony by Archimandrite Zacharias Any thoughts about it?  I have the series of talks he gave on St. Siliouon and Archimandrite Sophrony which is really amazing.  This looks good but I...
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    The Prophetic Gift in Oriental Orthodoxy

    At this link is a simple powerpoint presentation I prepared a few years ago for a youth discussion: http://www.stmina-monastery.org/PopeKyrillosVIbyRIbrahim.ppt It will give you a decent overview of his life with some pictures. Also, at this link you can find some of the stories of his...