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    In which we discuss the cultural acceptability of the South, re: Orthodoxy

    I guess the secular driven, melting pot, Americanization of the late 19th to 20th century ethic and the world wars helped the earlier diaspora assimilate somewhat easier. They actually had greater life hardships than today but that hardship was much more common & in a harsh way, alleviated some...
  2. recent convert

    Tollhouses: purification or condemnation?

    In my post #63, I have no idea where the portion saying “ Most people” came from. I just meant to say “ok” as I did in concluding my post,
  3. recent convert

    Tollhouses: purification or condemnation?

    Most people Ok.
  4. recent convert

    Recommended Reading for Those New to Orthodoxy

    This little book is a gem, I think, for the average layperson whether one is seeker, inquirer, catechumen, or already Orthodox. It is called: The Faith We Hold by the late Archbishop Paul of Finland. see...
  5. recent convert

    Death penalty

    I think St. Paul says in Romans 13 that we are not to be violent rebels and have to endure what we are under until death by keeping the commandments.
  6. recent convert

    Theology of Icons--Recommendations?

    There is a book called Orthodox Iconography by Constantine Cavarnos. I have not read it but would think it is authoritative; it is less than 100 pages...
  7. recent convert

    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    I think the sacred heart examples etc. show that we cannot be in communion. I do not think these are bad or not Christian, but they are outside of our tradition & not good for our internal cohesion.
  8. recent convert

    Close and far

    A major sustaining thing for me is that God’s commandments are the anchor for my conscience. Even though I am often negligent & haphazard, I know where I must go to set myself straight.
  9. recent convert

    Patriarch Athenagoras I, Truman a Man of God, CIA coup, Freemasonry

    Fascinating history but too bad such close connections could not have saved the remnant Greek community of Constantinople in 1955.
  10. recent convert

    Patriarch Athenagoras I, Truman a Man of God, CIA coup, Freemasonry

    The impression I have always had with the Masonic conspiracy thing is that they are trying to infiltrate the church. It seems the real problem is within from elitist type of clergy that want to import freemasonry into the church. My impression is also that if the Freemasons see this kind of...
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    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    I tend to think that until a situation becomes politically charged, most of the people on both sides probably have little awareness of any faith differences.
  12. recent convert

    New Vocabulary?

    I believe you can get some insight into the Trinity, the Lord’s commandments, our basic living faith of alms giving, prayer, fasting, the Eucharist etc. by reading John 1, 6, 14-16, Matthew 5, 6, 7. Then read the ancient Didache ( only about 10 pp.)...
  13. recent convert

    Is The Church A Spiritual Hospital?

    I guess when we approach the Lord as the Divine Physician then the Church as a hospital analogy can apply? Per St. Peter of Damascus ( 8th c.): Just as sick people need surgery and cautery to recover the health they have lost, so we need trials, and toils of repentance, and fear of death and...