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    For my mental health...

    Lord have mercy.
  2. Rhinosaur

    For the woman who died in police custody in Iran

    Lord have mercy.
  3. Rhinosaur

    I have an ear infection, please pray for me.

    Lord have mercy.
  4. Rhinosaur

    I want to confess something and pray

    Lord have mercy.
  5. Rhinosaur

    This little guy needs prayer

    Lord have mercy.
  6. Rhinosaur

    Prayer for a good outcome for David

    Lord have mercy.
  7. Rhinosaur

    A eulogy for my son, an infant Orthodox saint

    Memory eternal.
  8. Rhinosaur

    Prayers for my mother

    Again, thank you for all your prayers. Sadly, my mother passed away last night in the morning. She was comfortable and went in her sleep.
  9. Rhinosaur

    Prayers for my mother

    Thank you for all the prayers. Her health has declined further and she is currently in hospice care. Please pray for both her body and soul, as well as for the comfort of my dad, me, and for the rest of her friends and family.
  10. Rhinosaur

    Prayers for my mother

    Very recently, my mother had a major back surgery. About a week or so later, she started experiencing very serious breathing problems, and it turns out that she has an infection. This on top of her arthritis and other issues, she is feeling very bad as of late. Can you please keep her and the...
  11. Rhinosaur

    Mother in hospital, expecting surgery

    Tomorrow, my mother is going to have a major operation. Can you all keep her and my father in your prayers?
  12. Rhinosaur

    For someone in medical depression

    Someone that I know of is suffering a lot both physically and mentally from a debilitating disease. Please keep them in your prayers.
  13. Rhinosaur

    For my uncle Peter, who's undergoing surgery

    Lord have mercy.
  14. Rhinosaur

    Losing Trust

    Lord have mercy.
  15. Rhinosaur

    Me & my fiance (to be)

    Lord have mercy.