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  1. RobS

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    In a multi-page thread, is there a way to view all the posts in a single page?
  2. RobS

    OCnet Quotable Quotes

    I've never heard of these. What style of BBQ are we talking about? For BBQ, I make the drive out to Clem's BBQ.
  3. RobS

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    I expected the worst but I'm impressed, things seem to have migrated over smoothly. Well done. Good job to everyone involved. I hope XenForo's search function is better than SMF. Searching on SMF would sometimes omit results that should be there. Thanks for the efforts on the board update.
  4. RobS

    A popular approach to Christology book?

    I'm looking for a book on Christology that aims at a wide readership. Nothing too academic, maybe some discussion of the Christological controversies in passing or technical terminology employed. Ideally the end of the book would have recommendations on deeper readings into Christology...
  5. RobS

    Can we get a search feature that works?

    Hey Alpha60/Tech Support bot, Can you fix the atrocious search feature on these boards? I mean sure I can use google but still I want to point out how abysmal it is. Like I'll search for a few uncommon words by a member's post here and there are no results. Then other times I can find the...
  6. RobS

    CSB Ancient Faith Study Bible - 09/1/2019

    Paging Agabus... CSB Ancient Faith Study Bible, Brown Cloth-Over-Board https://www.bhpublishinggroup.com/products/csb-ancient-faith-study-bible/ The CSB Ancient Faith Study Bible features study notes and commentary from the writings of the church fathers of the second through fifth centuries...
  7. RobS

    OC.net baby #2?

    We didn't meet here, but she's be on this site before. We're having a daughter and ecstatic about it. I ask if you can keep the mother and our child in your prayers please. Thank you.
  8. RobS

    What would prevent someome from becoming a monk?

    Is there anything immediate that would disqualify someone from becoming a monk?
  9. RobS

    Monks who spend hours on Facebook all day

    What gives? I see Orthodox monks take FB quizzes or share dumb cat pictures or get involved in political debates all day on FB. I thought a monastic vocation was supposed to be the most difficult task in the world? I'm not saying they have to be like this guy: But its hard to take seriously...
  10. RobS

    Prayers for Greece

    Lord have mercy on the victims of the wildfires in Greece.
  11. RobS

    What is the greatest Orthodox theological work, in your opinion?

    Maybe this can be divided by ancient and modern works? Curious what you people think...
  12. RobS

    How soon did you get engaged and then married?

    Just curious from other Orthodox here what your timeline was from relationship to engagement then marriage. My observation of other Orthodox has been when two Orthodox people fall in love they move rather fast to become married. Not sure if that's the stereotype. Also what kind of preparation...
  13. RobS

    Pray for Porter ODoran!

    Lord have mercy.
  14. RobS

    Met. Kallistos Ware on Homosexual Marriage

    Quotes from the Metropolitan. Article here: Kallistos Ware Comes Out for Homosexual “Marriage” http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/blog/2018/06/kallistos-ware-comes-out-for-homosexual-marriage/
  15. RobS

    Traveling out of the country for the first time.

    If you have some time, please say a small prayer for this unworthy sinner and my girlfriend as we are making a trip together out of the country. I've never left America before. Thanks.