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    How to spell 'separate'?

    Why does that word get misspelled so often? Scamandrius must be right: Latin is irreplaceable and American is sloppy.  :-\
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    Holiness of Sexual Relations and Its Analogy to Prayer

    THREAD SPLIT FROM "Do you ever remove your wrist chotki?",53321.0.html --Mina That might actually be a good analogy... if taken one step further.  ;) Someone I know was being nagged by a heterodox about why Kyrie eleison is repeated...
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    India, Ethopia, Gagarin

    I think the confusion has to do with how ancient Christians conceived geography - the Aithiopes (those with faces scorched by the sun) were thought to be at the southernmost limit of the world. They must have had a vague idea that India was someplace around there too. 
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    First monastery of the ACoE in the US Rite of Tonsuring (Supara) and Clothing (Talbashta)
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    Video about the Arameans

    I'm not sure this link belongs here, but anyway - a documentary on the history of the (western only   :( ) Arameans made by the Syrian Orthodox (Jacobite) Church in collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Brock. It's called The Hidden Pearl, and it comes in 13 sections on youtube. Here's a link to...