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  1. scamandrius

    Pope Francis encourages Catholics to say Jesus Prayer throughout the day

    The Jesus Prayer is indeed a good spiritual exercise. HOWEVER, if it is made a rule on one's own with no consultation of a spiritual father and long before someone is ready, it can be in fact dangerous. Also, why is the Pope encouraging Latin Rite Catholics to use the Jesus Prayer. There's...
  2. scamandrius

    Group Prayer with Non-Orthodox

    to your first question, I say if you're not comfortable, leave prior. You say others do. You can, too. God doesn't want lofty prayers. It's because of the prevalence of that attitude that we cannot have nice things. Oh, God doesn't want us to build a nice traditional Orthodox church with...
  3. scamandrius

    Standing for the Gospel Reading in ECUSA churches

    I have no idea if this particular phenomenon is just in Episcopalian churches here in the USA or not.  Growing up Lutheran, whenever the Gospel was read, regardless of whether it was a Vespers, a Matins, a Liturgy with or without communion, we stood.  The school where I teach used to be an...
  4. scamandrius

    for my mom

    My mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday evening.  She has another kidney stone and these have been really quite painful for her in the past, but this one seems like the worst of all.  Prayers requested for her.  Her name is Elfriede. Thanks.
  5. scamandrius

    For my friend, John

    I just found out that a good friend and former colleague of mine, John, is getting divorced after discovering his wife had been cheating on him.  This is his second divorce; his first wife was a drug addict.  I feel horrible for the guy and I feel even worse for his two young kids with this...
  6. scamandrius

    Does your parish have outdoor processions?

    There are lots of processions indicated in the rubrics for major feasts including Theophany and Great Friday.  Typically, whenever one of these processions is called for, we just parade around the nave a few times.  I'm just curious if any of your parishes will have processions for special...
  7. scamandrius

    Marital Status of Religious Groups in USA

    From a Pew Research Study, American adults over 30 more likely to be married than younger ones.  Here's a breakdown by religious affiliation: Of particular interest to me was that not even a majority of Orthodox adults in this country are married and that 31% have never been married.  I...
  8. scamandrius

    Need an icon for a not-so-well-known saint

    My wife was received into the church last Pascha and I have been really struggling to find an icon of her patron saint, who is Sophia of Thrace, the patroness of orphans.  I have no idea how my wife chose this saint (or how this saint chose her) but none of the major sellers have an icon of St...
  9. scamandrius

    Sun of Justice: Byzantine Chant for Christmas in Greek, Arabic, and English

    Rev. Dcn. John El Massih of the Antiochian Archdiocese and Protopsaltis for the AANA and John Michael Boyer, Protopsaltis for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco and a member of Capella Romana were classmates at Holy Cross seminary and were often paired together for Vespers and...
  10. scamandrius

    For Brenda

    A friend and former colleague of mine was admitted to the hospital yesterday evening for some chest pain.  During the night her heart stopped but was fortunately revived.  She has been diagnosed with myocarditis.  Unsure of the plan for treatment but they are already going to send her home as of...
  11. scamandrius

    Need a new lawnmower

    So, my old lawnmower, which was a hand-me-down and probably about as old as my car (2005) decided to finally call it quits today.  We're almost through the lawn mowing season and I suspect there will probably be some deals out there as most people buy a lawnmower before spring, not after.  So...
  12. scamandrius

    Is Agni Partheni a funeral hymn

    This question arose a few days ago.  If it is chanted at funerals that you have been at, could you elaborate as to when you heard it?
  13. scamandrius

    HTM's Holy Week and Pascha

    Holy Week and Pascha, Μεγάλη Εβδομάς καί Πάσχα.  Published by HTM, Boston, MA: 2017.880 pages.  $27. The impetus for the publication of this book was the immensely popular bilingual (Greek and English) Holy Week and Pascha book by Fr. George Pappadeas which still remains a standard for chanters...
  14. scamandrius

    Is your choir director and/or protopsaltis a paid position at your church?

    We are thinking that to help improve the quality of music at our parish for all services that the choir director and/or protpsaltis should be paid.  In addition to answering the poll, please indicate the size of your parish, the jurisdiction, and, if possible, what the compensation may be.  Thanks.
  15. scamandrius

    Roman Cardinal: Anglican Orders not "invalid"

    From the article. One of the Vatican’s top legal minds has opened the way for a revision of the Catholic position on Anglican orders by stressing they should not be written off as “invalid.”  In a recently published book, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, President of the Pontifical Council...