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    For the repose of the soul of Thomas

    Missed this last year, so please pray double for the repose of the soul of Thomas and continued healing for Martin. Vicnaja pamjat! Hospodi pomiliju!
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    For the repose of the soul of Dmitri

    On this, the eighth anniversary of Dmitri's passing, please remember him in your prayers. Vicnaja pamjat!
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    For the servant of God Matthew

    Friends, Please remember in your prayers my friend Matthew who was killed in a serious car accident last night.  He was just 46 years old.  In addition to being my friend, he was a very talented and respected tattooist and a multi-instrumentalist in a number of local reggae and ska bands. ...
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    For the handmaid of God Diana

    Please remember my sister-in-law Diana in your prayers.  She was admitted to the hospital 10 days ago with the flu and pneumonia and has progressively gotten worse over the past week.  She already had a bad liver and it apparently is no longer functioning and the vent that was just helping her...
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    For the repose of the servant of God Lou

    Friends, Please remember the servant of God Lou in your prayers.  He was a close friend and brother-in-scootering that passed away suddenly today while in Paris with his fiancee, Colleen.  He was only 45. Vicnaja pamjat! Hospodi, pomiliju!
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    for the repose of the soul of Jim

    Friends, In what has become an all too common occurrence in my life, an acquaintance has been gunned down in the prime of his life in what appears to be a senseless crime.  What makes this even more upsetting is that he spent the past few years getting healthy after a serious liver issue due to...
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    For the repose of the handmaid of God Francine

    Please remember Francine in your prayers who passed away during the night.  She was the mother of a very good friend of mine and, in many ways, a mother to many of the denizens of my friend's bar.  She had been in hospice for about a week before passing away peacefully after what seems to be an...
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    For the handmaid of God Angela

    Please remember my aunt Angela in your prayers.  She passed away last week after a short time in hospice care. Vicnaja pamjat!
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    For the repose of Greg

    Please pray for my friend Greg who died this past weekend after being rear-ended while riding on his motorocycle back from Ocean City. And please watch for motorcycles. Vicnaja pamjat!
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    For the handmaid of God Miranda

    In about seven hours, my wife Miranda will be going into surgery for a hysterectomy.  Please pray for a skillful surgery and a speedy recovery. Lord, have mercy! Sts Cosmas and Damian, pray for her!
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    For the servant of God Brendan

    This past weekend, only Holy Saturday, my dear friend Brendan passed from this mortal coil.  While he was in poor health for some years, his actual death came as a bit of a shock.  He was a beloved photographer for our local alternative weekly newspaper, the Baltimore City Paper, and had been...
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    For the servant of God Thomas

    Please remember in your prayers the recently departed servant of God Thomas, a childhood friend who died suddenly on Wednesday.  He leaves behind a wife Sara and a son Cameron, as well as brothers Gregory and Wayne, and mother Victoria. I haven't seen Tommy in 20 years, but I will always...
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    Interesting baptism by Patriarch Ilya of Georgia

    A friend of mine posted this on facebook asking if this was normal practice in the Orthodox church.  I told him no but maybe it was a peculiarity of the Georgian church.  What concerns me is that these children are not being fully immersed. Video:
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    For the servant of God Father Conan

    I just received news that the priest who brought me into the Eastern Church (and married my wife and I), Father Conan Timoney of Patronage of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic parish in Baltimore, MD, suffered a fall last week which severely affected his ability to move, especially his arms. ...
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    For the handmaid of God Mary

    Friends, please pray for the repose of the soul of the handmaid of God Mary, who fell asleep in the Lord on Saturday.  She is the mother of one of my neighbors and dearest friends, Anastasia.  She was struggling with a long illness, but the that doesn't make the actual death any easier. Vicnja...