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    Lay Participation in Liturgy Survey

    I am getting slow in my dottage! I get it now: Romania...Transylvania...vampires and weird stuff...of course, you would light candles for your enemies in the "dead" section! 😜
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    mind you, it is his Instagram account and those are the photos that he chose. The man has good taste...
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    Lay Participation in Liturgy Survey

    Augustin717, we hear all sorts of great news about the growth of the Orthodox Church in Romania, not only in numbers but also in greater participation of the laity in the life of the parish. Are you saying that during the services, the people are mainly passive spectators? Do you mind answering...
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    Lay Participation in Liturgy Survey

    I used to see more lay participation in those two instances. Does anyone think that the hierarchy is trying to impose a uniform practice by going back to the old way of having the Epiklesis done truly in secret?
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    Lay Participation in Liturgy Survey

    I forgot an important detail from the congregation's response at the end of the Great Entrance. When the priest finishes his commemorations with the congregation (you etc.), I have joined some other old folks respond with "Thy priesthood may the Lord God remember in His Kingdom now and ever and...
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    Lay Participation in Liturgy Survey

    Each common prayer consists of a body and a conclusion. For example: Body: Let us pray to the Lord. Conclusion: Lord have mercy. Body: Let us commend ourselves and each other to our Lord God. Conclusion: To Thee oh Lord. What is happening here is that the priest or the deacon...
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    Lay Participation in Liturgy Survey

    I would like to know whether your jurisdiction allows the laity to complete common prayers and petitions at the following points in the Liturgy: - Great Entrance - Epiklesis Please indicate which jurisdiction, and if you know, the reason why. For example: "Antiochian Archdiocese. At the Great...
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    Finding a new confessor

    Good general article on the subject: http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/spiritualfather.aspx In the Omaha area, there are quite a few Orthodox churches.
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    About baptism or chrismation for converts

    Beebert--You have  gotten good answers. You have received a new start, Glory be to God, and I am saddened by your inability to fully enjoy your new life. I forgot who characterized Holy Communion as a renewal of your baptismal mystery, but every time that you commune, you put on Christ in a...
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    Formal Accusation of Heresy by Pat. Bartholomew Submitted to Greek Synod

    In the old days travel was difficult. I think the better way to approach the "ancient model" would be to ask if all bishops were invited. Were they? Was the invitation restricted to ruling bishops? Does it really matter if the model, both ancient and current, relied on the acceptance of the...
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    Lost all hope... Need prayers

    Praying. Lord have mercy.
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    For the servant of God Thomas

    Memory eternal.
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    Been away from church

    Just do it! Attend a local Orthodox Church, starting this coming Sunday--Sunday of the Prodigal Son. If the Gospel does not touch your heart and put some resolve in you, perhaps the hymn "Open to me the doors of repentance" may do the job. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqVECqe5V-g