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    Prayers for marriage!

    Let as all who are single pray for ourselves and others so God bless us with a marriage partner!Glory be to God!!
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    Subconscious from a Christian perspective

    I'm interested to read about subconscious but from a Christian perspective especially Orthodox.I heard a priest saying a few things though he didn't mention any church fathers or bibliography.Did church fathers knew it as subconscious back then?I m interested in this subject.The priest said that...
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    Relative in a coma

    Please pray for a relative that has cancer and is in a coma at the moment.Her name is Marina.Lord have mercy!
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    Prayers for adultery

    My best friend,married no kids,and I,we kissed.Please pray for this serious sin
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    Prayers for cancer

    Please pray for my aunt Marina she has cancer.Lord have mercy
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    Prayer for chant lessons

    Hi all,tomorrow I'm having my first Byzantine chant lesson.Please pray God to bless me and the teacher.Lord have mercy!!
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    I need your prayers please

    Hi all,I would like you to pray as something came up.My ex boyfriend moved in my neighborhood and lives next to my house..I called my father confessor for praying as well.God bless you!
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    Hagia Sophia Vote

    Hi all,today a Greek Christian orthodox site has this link and wants our vote so Hagia Sophia to open again as an Orthodox Church.In case anyone wants to vote so the orthodoxs can have as many signatures as possible please do.You write you email,the site is in Greek I have translated...
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    Bizarre opening ceremony of the world s largest tunnel

    Ok this is the link skip and go 6:07:11 until the end.I saw the video today and I can't believe it..
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    Saint Gregory of Nyssa

    Hello everybody,could you please help me understand Saint Gregory of Nyssa he mentions 'process of becoming ever closer to God does not cease at physical death but continues forever'
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    What is your opinion about Greek people?

    I'm Greek but please feel free to express yourself!What do you think about Greek people?
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    Sunday liturgy

    Hello I'm new to this site I'm Christian Orthodox from Greece and I would like to ask not going to church some sundays is that a sin?if yes is it mortal sin?my spiritual father says its a sin not going to the church on sundays