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    Antiochian Archdiocese Monasteries?

    Especially that voicemail that keeps you going in circles from electronic menu to electronic menu, and then just hangs up, possibly after directing you to a flashy, but unnavigable website.
  2. Shanghaiski

    Antiochian Archdiocese Monasteries?

    What is needed is for people with monastic experience in the old country to come and start monasteries here. But, if there is a language barrier, or if there is not significant interest on the part of the people or the bishops, it won't happen. These things need a great degree of facilitation...
  3. Shanghaiski

    Moving Pascha?

    There are very, very few OCA-wide things, as the dioceses operate individually.
  4. Shanghaiski

    Please Pray For My Prodigal Son!

    God be with him! This service to St. Anastasia the Deliverer from Potions is written specifically for those with additions to narcotics: http://www.stnectariospress.com/service-of-the-supplicatory-canon-to-st-anastasia-the-deliverer-from-potions/. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a free version...
  5. Shanghaiski

    Limits of Redemption?

    If anyone was able to understand a soul, it was St. Columba, Heinous sins require serious repentance. It could be the sinner was not willing to repent and to bring forth fruits of repentance. Note that absolution is often done only after a penance is fulfilled.
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    In general, people have possession or demonic influence as a corrective from God. In the Church, we have many "exorcisms", and not all of them are specific prayers read by a priest. For example, "Let God arise.." is an exorcism prayer. But in every case, simply reading a prayer is not enough...
  7. Shanghaiski

    Apostasy and blasphemy against Holy Spirit

    It's not really a question of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. If they do not repent of apostasy, they will not be forgiven.
  8. Shanghaiski

    I feel a sentiment urging me to convert to Catholic Church

    It's a demonic temptation. This is one reason Orthodox people should not go to the services of heterodox groups.
  9. Shanghaiski

    From Greek Archdiocese - Should this be concerning?

    Yeah, it's blasphemy.
  10. Shanghaiski

    Greek Community of Toronto Forced to Sell off Church Building

    Do Greeks go to church for the booze? I thought it was just Slavic churches that had bars.
  11. Shanghaiski

    If a bishop falls into heresy

    Many laypeople, priests, and bishops believe in things that are heretical, some knowingly and some unknowignly. It is one thing to believe, and another thing to teach heresy, with regard to how such thing is handled. With regard to a layperson teaching heresy, how this is handled is usually the...
  12. Shanghaiski

    Greek Community of Toronto Forced to Sell off Church Building

    It's certainly a strange case when a church, which can own land, has to lease its churches from a cultural organization which, as evidenced by their public statements all through 2020, does not place the Orthodox faith as its top priority. The Orthodox Church in the United States and Canada has...
  13. Shanghaiski

    Converting from OO to EO

    If the Holy Gifts only contain the humanity of Christ, then we have a seriously Christological error, dividing the Theanthropic hypostasis.
  14. Shanghaiski

    Converting from OO to EO

    It depends on the direction of the bishop. Sometimes, they are received via repentance and confession, and then profession of faith and renunciation of errors and possibly anathematization of heretics, and sometimes also with chrismation. Baptism would be rare, but if the form of baptism was not...
  15. Shanghaiski

    How does one forgive themselves?

    "It's not always pride." Well, okay. But, if the cause here differs, the solution remains the same.