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    Sign of the Cross - Occasions in Liturgical Service

    The back matter in the Jordanville prayerbook gives some helpful guidance as to when and when not to make the sign of the Cross. Yes at reference to the Holy Trinity. No at censing. Yes when blessed with a cross, the Gospel, the Holy Gifts, but no when blessed by the hand of the priest or a...
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    Orthodox funeral and burial

    Funerals are sort of a necessity, and so they can happen any time. How the funeral or memorial service is done, however, differs depending on whether it falls in Holy Week, Bright Week, and Paschaltide.
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    Advent Paraclesis

    Having a long fast with little to no liturgical services or changes related to such fast makes the fast worse.
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    Returning to liturgy

    God be with you! Please pray for us, too!
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    Struggling as a catechumen

    Don't be afraid of going in depth with the priest. Believe me, you're not going to burden him. As for your questions, be careful what you think about and what you read. You are unlikely to find answers to your questions if what you consume and meditate on is from a standpoint of questioning...
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    Questions about prayers

    Most traditional Western prayers are Trinitarian as well. We worship the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity always acts together. It's not like one can ever pray to one Person of the Holy Trinity to the exclusion of the other two, even if they are not specifically mentioned.
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    Old vs. New Calendar?

    Locking all the bishops in a room would solve more problems than just the calendar issue.
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    The Theology of Sergius Bulgakov

    The same heresy, just in English now, so that more people can become heretics.
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    The Sky is Falling Forecast of the Day

    Day of wrath, O day of mourning! See fulfilled the prophets' warning: Heaven and earth in ashes burning. See, there is always something to look forward to.
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    Question about becoming a Deacon.

    I think this latest part of the discussion is a misunderstanding. I don't think anyone is arguing that the wife of a priest has holy orders or a sacredotal function. But, I think we can all agree that the wife of a priest or a deacon is different from another laywoman in that the standards for...
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    “Rumors of violations of church canons”

    People are free to go to whatever Orthodox parish they wish. There is no reason to turn people away.
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    Orthodoxy of Russia given its stance on Ukraine war

    While this world and the particular homeland each of us has is not our true and eternal home, we have not been put there by God to despise it or treat it indifferently, but to love it. It is, after all, an extension of our family. And, while we may have a complicated or broken relationship with...
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    Question about becoming a Deacon.

    Father's anecdote about spiritual laws mentioned above is confirmed in the experience of Fr. John Krestiankin in his letters. The service of the clergy is a fearful thing; you are literally going where angels fear to tread. While clerical services is essential to the Church, that does not mean...
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    David Bentley Hart on perennialism

    You mean the editor, not Staniloae himself, right?