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    praying for Satan to be saved?

    I think it's pretty clear that the love of God is unending and unfaltering, regardless of how the person feels or acts.
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    The First Image of Atoms and a Molecule

    Other chemistry nuts may find this fascinating. Glory to God for all things, and the knowledge of His universe! "It may look like a piece of honeycomb, but this lattice-shaped image is the first ever close-up view of a single molecule. Scientists from IBM used an atomic force microscope (AFM)...
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    Raw meat

    You've posted that link THREE times in this topic. Lol As for me, I like my meat cooked, my milk boiled, and my fish in the style that the British eat it.  :D
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    Introducing your children to Orthodoxy

    Oh, little kids running through the Royal Doors into the sanctuary is almost commonplace at my church. Then the priest usually just smiles, picks the child up, and continues with the Liturgy until the parents come to get them. Haha
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    Christ paid for EVERY sin?

    Excellently said!!
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    Orthodox Dating

    While my priest DID attempt to set me up once (Lol), it hasn't happened since, and I'm not sure how common it is. IMO, date whomever and worry about the conversation later.  :D
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    Which Angels do we know?

    I noticed in those notes it said the devil was a Power, but if I remember correctly, Lucifer was apart of the Seraphim (being the brightest, which would make sense due to the proximity that was mentioned). Though I've also heard from some (I honestly dont know where) that Lucifer isn't...
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    Welcome back OzGeorge!!

    Yay!! The threads seemed empty without your input!
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    Question on Hell

    The interpretation that I've been taught was that all those upon death experience God's fiery love, felt as joy to those who embrace it, and agony to those who reject it.
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    Remission of Sins

    It's indeed possible. As has been said before, "We know where the Holy Spirit is, not where it isn't." That is, we know that the Mysteries forgive our sins, but we cannot know the Will of God, nor whom is forgiven without partaking in them.
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    Martial Arts and Orthodoxy?

    We're taught to take it pretty far (usually ending in the other's death/severe injury), but then again, it's not really meant to be used outside a battlefield situation.  :-\
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    Epic Fail

    LOL, the last picture is excellent
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    Martial Arts and Orthodoxy?

    We have a similar program taught at the military college I go to, taught by a 55yo woman and ex-marine captain. "Uncommon courtesy" is the motto they go by, and it's definitely a big help in teaching respect to the students.
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    Kneeling at GOA parish?

    It's a rhetorical question that I asked, and the answer is No, it doesnt, because nothing can so long as it does not affect the doctrine of the Trinity, Creed, etc. Now, I dont want to get into a slippery slope here (though I'm sure someone living in the realm of hyperbole would love to drag it...