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    I am not trying to drag others into my misery. In fact I am not inflicting suffering on anyone else. Nobody is inflicting this suffering upon me except for God himself In fact, you are right online is not the place to discuss these things. People don't like to here stuff like this, and I regret...
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    That was my personal opinion. I don't believe that prayer does much good.  In the end God decides, so why bother asking Him in the first place? Based on your statement it sounds like you haven't suffered much. I have suffered in my life and it is no fun. You know it is no fun? Because it never...
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    This question perplexes me frequently. I do not understand the suffering in this world. I have asked this question to many, and I have come to the conclusion that we don't know why suffering exists. We give our best stab at it but in the end we don't know why. I found the Archbishop of...
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    Orthodox Groups (French Language)

    I don't know of any either but if anyone does know of one...I would be highly interested in it.
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    What is this blog "takeover" thing?

    Blogging is a waste of time. As for usurping other people's blogs....I guess some people really do have too much time on their hands.
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    "Pupose Driven Life"

    I was only expressing my views that I believe. I realize that people may not like them, but that is how I feel. I forgot that on a Christian forum we can only think and say happy things. Since we can only do that, I guess I have no other option than to say happy things and think happy thoughts...
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    Do candles do any good?

    I've often wondered about this practice. Like everything else, I don't think it works.
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    The Golden Years have come at Last !

    With hard work and some courage, I will not be seeing my golden years.
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    "Pupose Driven Life"

    God has no plan for your life. Frankly, I don't think God cares about what you do with your life. Who wants God to be their friend? He will only let you down just like friends do. Life is purposeless, cruel, and full of pain. It has no meaning. So much garbage peddled by the "pop Christian"...
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    Orthodox President--is this possible?

    I don't think an Orthodox president will ever happen. This country is too entrenched in its WASP ways.
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    Do we have a right to be happy?

    Do we have a right to be happy? I don't know but I doubt that Orthodoxy lets you have much fun. Orthodoxy is not for the timid. All I know is that happiness eludes me.
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    Mor's post is excellent.
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    coffee hour

    Typically I just leave after the service....quite a few people do. So if you left right after the dismissal I don't think there should be much of a problem.
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    Greek Church seeking wives for priests

    Yes I am........bah humbug.
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    PETA campaigns against eating fish

    Guess I have a good reason not to fish this Advent fast....... http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/11/16/fish.empathy.ap/index.html