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Recent content by SolEX01

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    My uncle passed away

    Lord have mercy.
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    Elizabeth C. passed away. Please pray.

    Lord have mercy.
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    Actor Christopher Plummer has died

    Lord have mercy. Rest in peace.
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    Romanian Baby Dies after Orthodox Baptism

    May his memory be eternal. Lord have mercy.
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    For Alice

    Lord have mercy.
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    For a friend who requested prayer.

    Lord have mercy.
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    For the health of my grandma Maria

    Lord have mercy.
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    Parents’ anniversary

    Many Years!! Lord have mercy.
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    Please, Velinka needs prayer

    Glory to God!
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    Actor Dustin Diamond passed away

    Rest in peace. Lord have mercy.
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    Hank Aaron, baseball legend, has died

    Rest in peace. Lord have mercy.