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    IE 9 Security Tool Bar

    Anyone Know How I Can Delite Or Shut Down, The Secuity Tool Bar In IE9 that keeps Popping up ,asking if i want to close add on's ,very Irritating that Bar... ;D
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    Pop Up's

    Is there a way to stop,Some of the words written on this Forum from appearing in hyper text, Each time my mouse goes over them a pop up add appears,so annoying.....Anyone
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    Brother Nathanael

    Not Sure Where to Post This.... As Anyone Heard Of This Person ,Jewish Orthodox Christian  Brother Nathanael,and  what he Has To Say About Jews ,Zionist, And  Politics...Here's a U=tub Video Link...
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    Re: House Blessing Question

    I never Heard Of A Matushka, Popadija ,Widow of a deceased Priest, Being Pushed Out Ever.... ??? Their was a Russian Widow Popadija ,Matuska ,that Lived At the St.Sava Monastery, till she passed away, and Buried in the Monastery Cemetery..... :police:
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    Ethiopian Patriarch

    Question ? Anyone.....Ethiopian that is..... ;D I spoke to a Ethiopian Person ,here in Chicago ,He Told Me that the Ethiopian Patriarch that's Located in the U.S. is the Original one, That was before Patriarch Paulous ,that's Presently in Ethiopia...What Happened? how did this change, and the...
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    Dutch Catholic order hit by pedophile group scandal

    They sacked the Priest ...... :police: By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor – Mon May 23, 2:29 pm ET PARIS (Reuters) – A Roman Catholic order of priests sacked its leader in the Netherlands and disciplined another priest Monday after the two publicly defended pedophile sex, an issue haunting the...
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    Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia

    Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia By TOBY STERLING, Associated Press – Sat May 21, 7:20 am ET AMSTERDAM – The Dutch Catholic Church and the Salesian order are investigating revelations that a Salesian priest served on the board of a group that promotes pedophilia with the full...
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    Sculpture of Pope John Paul II decried as 'ugly'

    Sculpture of Pope John Paul II decried as 'ugly'.......... ;D By FRANCES D'EMILIO and ALBA TOBELLA, Associated Press – 31 mins ago ROME – A new, modernist sculpture of Pope John Paul II is turning into a monumental bust. The Vatican on Friday slammed the giant artwork outside Rome's...
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    New Study Says Homosexuality nor Celibacy Caused Roman Catholic Abuse Scandal

    Rodney Southern– 1 hr 2 mins ago Contribute content like this. Start here. Roman Catholic bishops may have had good intentions when they sent researchers looking for answers as to why many of their clergy became sex offenders, but the results have not exactly stirred confidence in victims'...
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    Serbian Montenegro Sajkaca's/Kamilavka's hats arrived

    It's Going take me a while to get the courage, to wear them in public..... ;D My 2 shajkacha / Kamilavka Arrived Saturday, That i Ordered online.....They resemble  the Russian/ Serbian Clergy ,Kamilavka's though these have a gold embroidered two headed, byzantine Eagle on top with red...
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    Police dress up as doctors to test citizens

    ;D    Continued.....http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110427/od_nm/us_turkey_police  :police: – Wed Apr 27, 11:15 am ET ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish police donned white coats and stethoscopes to disguise themselves as doctors, then knocked on people's doors to see how easily they would fall for a...
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    Operation Repo - THE HEARSE

    Interesting video...... ;D A video of a hearse being repossessed and returned to the funeral home, It was taken by a ex employee...... link here....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYobKMBRPx0&feature=feedrec_grec_index
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    Vatican says sex abuser bishop leaves Belgium

    Something of Interest......... Rest continues here.......http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110409/ts_nm/us_belgium_catholic_abuse PARIS (Reuters) – A Belgian Catholic bishop who resigned in disgrace after admitting to sexually abusing his nephew has left the country for "spiritual and...
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    Cute video of a Guilty Dog....... ;D Link......http://www.youtube.com/embed/B8ISzf2pryI"
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    Wildfire destroys 41 houses in Western Australia

    Lord Have Mercy..... Link..... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110207/ap_on_re_as/as_australia_wildfire PERTH, Australia - Firefighters battled two wildfires in Western Australia on Monday, water bombing them from above as they tried to stop their spread. One on the outskirts of Perth destroyed...