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    First Summefest photos!

    I say the next one should be on the West Coast.
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    The Passion Movie O'Reilly Factor TONITE

    Bill O'Reily is a jerk IMHO. surferuke
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    First Summefest photos!

    Nik, you look like a monk from the old country! Looks like evryone had a great time. Good to see fellowship amoung us forum-types We definately need a West Coast get together, and I vote San Diego! surferuke
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    Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church

    That author sounds like real a-hole. This is why we need a Orthodox Response similar to William Bennett and his responses for the Catholic Church. think of all the people who have read that book and are ignorant of us in the East. What will they think of us now? Authors like this man hinder...
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    Where do you live?

    Don't be too lonley, I live out west and I added my pin.
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    That Colloqiual Ukrainian is OK. I have the Cds and book and it actually has some good Ukrainian lessons and word usage, however, there is a lot of Russian influence since it is modern Ukrainian. It seems to be written for the Maerican who will be moving and living in Ukraine. It should be easy...
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    Situación corriente de la iglesia ortodoxa en países hispanos

    ¿Hay parroquias ortodoxas en Mexico? Mi amigo mejor vive en Tijuana, BC y cada fin de semana voy a su casa pero no puedo encontrar una parroquia ortodoxa! Ay wey, siempro veo las inglesias mormonas :- o las inglesias de las baptistas y conozco rusos y ucraniosos que viven en Tijuana y...
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    30th March for Life - Washington, D.C.

    It is sad some (most?) of our heirarchy wasn't there. Maybe we should consider writing letters to our different Bishops asking for their continued support on the Life subject. I think I will write Vladyka Antony sometime this week......
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    Have a Laugh...

    "Guess he's become another Ukrainian national hero." Dang right he has ;D
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    Have a Laugh...

    Karl Keating's son went to my high school. He was a senior when I was a frosh. Also, at my old Catholic elementary school, Julian Madrid's kid went there and a few other Catholic answer's family members. Even in sixth grade, I had discussions with them. Parts of my family are...
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    Have a Laugh...

    It is good to read these responses (defenses). It's all a good refresher. Maybe we should compile them all together and send them to the Catholic Answers people to defend the Holy Church. They are highly respected in the Catholic world, and if people read these falsehoods, its would make us look...
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    Man tries to sell his family on eBay

    I am sure the guy knew it wouldn't pass so he probably did it half joking. When I first read the article on Yahoo!, it struck me as kind of funny.... But I guess they even sell Chalices and Holy Relics so in a way it doesn't suprise me.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Khrystos Rodyvsya! Slavte Yoho! Merry Christmas to all.
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    Question for Orthodox regarding "irregular" Churches

    Serge stated: "Ukraine is one of the Russias." How about Russia is one of the Ukraines :P Reader Serge later stated: "The joke is blunt but true. The language and culture of far southwestern Ukraine (the rest is Russian)" True but not true. Yes Western Ukraine the place where our language is...
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    Latin Heresy

    Ok so the Latin Church has things that are (can be) considered heretical BUT why are we wasting our time discussing their problems. WE ARE ORTHODOX. Yes they are Apostolic so I suppose some how it may remotely pertain to us, but WE ARE ORTHODOX. I come to this forum to read, post, and grow in...