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    Anastasia & Timothy

    Please pray also for the handmaiden of the Lord, Anita (Anastasia), ostensibly dying of cancer with great faith and acceptance, that the Lord may grant healing of soul and body. And for her family witnessing her suffering, that they may be comforted and encouraged in faith. And also pray for...
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    Prayer for the newly departed, etc.

    Please pray for the soul of the newly-departed servant of God, Fred (I presume Frederick) Gluck. My dear friend Benjamin just related the passing of his esteemed grandfather. Never having had the privilege of meeting him, I will pass on Ben's words concerning him: Also pray for the souls of...
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    Prayer for reconciliation

    Dear brothers & sisters in Christ: Please send up prayers for me, as I struggle to reconcile my sexual orientation and its implications with the teachings and discipline of the Church. Most of all, that I not turn my back on the Lord or the Church, as I attempt to gain clarity along with...
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    'The Truth that leads to Eternal Life'

    Copyright, 1968: Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Purchased this book at a thrift store yesterday because it was cheap and the novelty was just irresistable. I also hoped to gain a little insight into the thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses thereby, as I do encounter them now and...
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    S.A.D., depression, isolation, etc.

    If you could say a simple prayer for me, I need all the help I can get. I'm struggling to do my part. I am laid off for the winter and occassionally find myself plunged into the hell of despair. Even when I refuse to engage the thoughts, there is a lingering sense of sadness; Even, it often...
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    Petre Tutea

    I would like to know how he is regarded- if he is known at all- by the Romanian faithful. Unfortunately, there are scant resources in English. I only know of Popescu's biography, which I will have to revisit, as I have no recollection of how this question is addressed in the book. I know the...
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    Man intended to replace the angels who fell?

    Perhaps someone could point me to an existing thread dealing with this topic? I remember reading about this theolegoumenon somewhere but I can't remember where. Is it a teaching passed on via O.T. Apocalyptic? Does anyone know which Fathers have discussed this notion, and where? Thanks in...