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    Swan song post replete with ad hominems removed. For this post which is replete with ad hominems, you're being put on 99 day post moderation.  Since you want to leave so bad, perhaps this will help.  Appeal to Fr. George if you think this is in error.  - Schultz.
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    Folk Liturgy

    I asked because Fr.Florenski seems to not know what the Holy Wisdom is in Orthodoxy. I remember him saying that the Holy Wisdom was by some even considered St.Nicholas.
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    That was the first post on my facebook. I choose to share it. This forum is boring now. Heorhij and Stashko have stopped posting, they kept this forum up. I think I should follow them.
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    Folk Liturgy

    The Holy Wisdom is part of Russian folk religion. So within the boundaries.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSKHsIq3T3k&feature=player_embedded U Belarusi pili za stalina!!!  In Belarus they drank for Stalin! Commemorations of St.Joseph Jewgashvili: standard 100 grammes in rememberance of his blessed memory.
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    Folk Liturgy

    If you think you are so smart Isa,  is the Hagia Sophia, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Mother of God or some other energy?
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    What is up in Orthodox Hungary? Or "Mother Churches no better than Diaspora"

    Hmm, sluziti, granice,gospoda et cetera; then their's felici, amici, bonitas... sorry if this observation derails the thread...
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    Folk Liturgy

    Hmm, I remember watching a video of Bosnian Muslims desecrating a Serbian crkva, and somehow out of behind the iconastas they pulled out a folk guitar. I thought that the use of the guitar is common in the Orthodox liturgy of the Balkans.
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    Famed Catholic theologian calls for end of papal absolutism

    Sadly, I have heard that a schism maybe pending in the Roman Catholic Church of Germany. After the announcement of many "Catholic" theologians in Germany demanding deformation of doctrine, the situation is not good.
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    Stop it, who cares?? Those Poles were for the major part Roman Catholic. It is better that those ultramontanist be destroyed by the armies of Lutheran Germany. After all Roman Catholics are the sons of the antichrist, worse than the Turks, all of them are nazist cooperators, et cetera. After...
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    Corapi Quits

    The bishops of Rus' agreed to Unia in 1596, but there was room for dissent. The dyzunici existed, no one persecuted the small minority which maintained the schism. The Polish-Lithuanian-Rusin nobility allowed Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism to exist side by side. There were two metropolitanates...
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    No "Til Death Do We Part" at Orthodox marriage service?

    The Roman Catholic "legalist" conception is based on the Roman Law as codified by Justinian, the Eastern Roman Emperor and its interpretation by the school of Bologna interpretors. The fact is that the fall of the Constantinople destroyed the Byzantine Roman Law tradition; but the tradition of...
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    Marriage at an "older" age in the OC

    St.Basil in his first letter on the Canons states that if a 60 year old widow takes a husband, she should not be allowed to partake of the Eucharist, until "she rejects here impure lust". (1) (1) [...] tant qu'elle n'aura pas renonce a sa passion impure". Basile de Cesaree, Premiere Lettre .. ...
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    Serbian Church Will Not Invite Pope To Nis

    He was beatified for martyrdom. He was a martyr. He died for the faith. His death saved him.