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    Hymn instead of "It is Truly meet" on Nativity

    Is this what you are looking for ? Замість Достойно , приспів: Величай, душе моя, у вертепі народженого царя — Христа. І ірмос, гл. 1: Таїнство чудне бачу і преславне: * небо — вертеп, * престол херувимський — Діву, * ясла — вмістилище, * в яких возліг невмістимий Христос Бог. * Його оспівуючи...
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    10th Anniversary - John Royce aka Hypo-Ortho

    I find it's hard to accept that it is now 10 years since John reposed. He was always kind and courteous  even to this who were/are not Orthodox Eternal memory !
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    Ohio Amish girl ordered to resume chemotherapy despite pleas of parents

    Maybe if you had sat with your dying spouse , you would understand more. We fought and fought hard , and to no avail. Don't be as dismissive in future , unless you have the personal experience
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    Ohio Amish girl ordered to resume chemotherapy despite pleas of parents

    How many of you have cared for someone with Leukaemia ? How many of you have tried to keep that person's hopes up for 16 months, during which time they spent more time in Hospital than they did at home ? How many of you have sat beside their bed as they lay dying - with a heart that was...
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    Catholic Mass celebrated in an Orthodox church?

    Just out of curiosity - could you please explain what you mean by ?
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    Father Ambrose from New Zealand

    Exceedingly badly [ possibly carelessly ] worded . All that needed to be said was that his cancer after , thorough investigations , was founded to be untreatable [ you do NOT repair Cancer like a fracture ]. We all know what that indicates. Prayers for Fr Ambrose that  his suffering will be...
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    Father Ambrose from New Zealand

    I have today received further information about Father Ambrose. Surgery is not possible because of his already very serious cardiac problem. In 2 weeks time they will be discussing radiotherapy and chemotherapy possibilities, however the Multi Displiplinary Team have already advised against...
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    Father Ambrose from New Zealand

    Prayers continue for Fr Ambrose. Prayers for all those treating him, while he struggles with this new very serious threat to life which is added to the problems he already has .
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    Prayers for Father Ambrose

    Prayers for Fr Ambrose - for courage and strength to fight this scourge. Prayers also for all the staff treating him
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    Two Years Ago Today

    Memory eternal Two years is indeed a short time  but at the same time it seems like eternity .
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    For the people of Christchurch NZ

    for the people of Christchurch - hit once more by tremors http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-16313249 Lord have mercy
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    The Old CAF Crowd Will Love This!

    I'm truly appalled :( Here we are approaching that great Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord God and Saviour [ even if it is 13 days apart for some of us  ;) ] and I come on here and read The Latin Church does indeed say that Orthodox Christians may approach for Communion BUT at the same time...
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    Memory Eternal - Father Archimandrite Serge

    Today was the 40th day after the repose of Fr Serge. A memorial Liturgy and Panachyda were served today , in Edinburgh by  our Exarch and 4 Priests . It was very moving.