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    What's everyone listening to?

    I just discovered Sabaton, and it is magical.
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    Theological hot takes that can get you in trouble with your fellow brethren

    1. I'm 60% Orthodox Christian and 40% agnostic 2. Nihilism is a necessary journey 3. It would probably be better for Orthodoxy if the Ecumenical Patriarchate no longer existed 4. I think that interpreting hell as the consuming fire of God is probably wishful thinking, although I hope I'm wrong...
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    What does everyone look like?

    Awww, I miss you too!
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    Hey everyone

    Hi everyone! I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I figured I would stop by and say hello. Since the last time I was on here, I was chrismated and took the name Ignatios. It seems a good bit quieter here than I remember, but I suppose like most forums, people are migrating to social media...
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    Boston area Greek Orthodox priest suddenly relieved of duties

    I normally don't concern myself too much with the goings on at any particular parish, but this one has hit Yahoo News for several days in a row now. Does anyone know what is going on...
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    Some Priests Insist Fidget Spinners Have a Secret Meaning
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    I am now a Unicorn

    Well, I have transitioned to a new phase in my life and become a Unicorn. My only regret in life is that I have not encountered this group earlier in my search for enlightenment...
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    Faith & Works in Romans 4

    So I have a question. Normally when I hear discussions within Orthodoxy regarding faith and works, it is always emphasized that we do not contrast these two things, but rather see them as complimentary. This is supported in St. James' letter. In reading the Book of Romans, however, it seems that...
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    Health Issues

    If you all could pray for me, I would really appreciate it. I'm going in for elbow surgery on 12/9 to have a nerve moved because it has popped out of where it is supposed to be. I also may need shoulder surgery.  Doctors are also trying to figure out if I have a genetic disorder which can cause...
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    An Open Appeal to Mor Ephrem

    Of late, your posts have become less theosis-y and more mortal in character. I urge you to remember that most of us only have one path to theosis, and that is through your example. I implore you to reconsider your posting habits and raise us up again to the level of deification that you have...
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    Pray for me

    I made a rather sizable error in judgment at work and am now reaping the results. Please pray for me.
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    Marriage wasn't a sacrament for 1,200 years? Does anyone know what the article is referencing? What happened in the 13th century that supposedly made marriage a sacrament?  When is marriage first...
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    Cuckoldry is incredibly rare among humans

    Fellow men, you will be relieved to know that your children are most likely, in fact, yours.  I, for one, will be sleeping better tonight.
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    Medical Ethics Journal Suggests Allowing Limited FGM Is ‘Culturally Sensitive’
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    Fr. Dokos pleads guilty to $100k embezzlement. No jail time. Lord, have mercy on the parishes affected. From the sounds of it, it appears that much damage has been done amongst the faithful.  :'(