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  1. Tommelomsky

    Pray for a coward to be brave

    Hi all First of all: please forgive me, for being a sinner. Well: I am lucky, not many new converts are admitted to do altar server and last easter I began my training to become an altar server. Regulary, I am doing the divine liturgies on sundays and sometimes on feast days too. Have also...
  2. Tommelomsky

    For Kristin

    She is a close friend, my phototeacher and much like a sister to me and has been so for seven years now. Three weeks ago she got badly hurt and are in constant pains. Can hardly sleep or/drink-eat anything. She has been in and out of the hospital at least six times the last three weeks. She has...
  3. Tommelomsky

    Pray for me as I am terrified at the moment

    Just discovered hours ago that I have a mole that has grown in the late weeks and somewhat changed colour. Going to call the doctor in hours to figure out what do. Please pray for me as I am scared and sad. Having a hard time going to bed.
  4. Tommelomsky

    Lenten pray

    I ask you, my Lord to: To pray for the people in this forum. To forgive us our daily sins. I ask the Lord to: Give me strength to well, rest of the Lent in prayer, almsgiving and how to treat my next. To help me be more patient and a better human being. I ask you: To pray for a new-baptized...
  5. Tommelomsky

    Festal icons for home

    Hi I got a question (my first as a orthodox christian). There is this place online that sells some really good icons and are on their customer/mailing list and got an e-mail two days ago telling that they are selling some limited edition of festal icons (I have seen plenty of festal icons in...
  6. Tommelomsky

    I am home!

    Things went so well today and +Glory to God in all things!+ I was chrismated and recieved into the church at 3pm this very afternoon (local time) and the parishoners are so sweet to me, got some really great gifts, had a coffee and something to eat before the anointing of oil service. Just got...
  7. Tommelomsky


    Probably I should have discussed this with my priest, but will not be able to talk to him before wednesday night, but when preparing for confession as I do now 1) Should I remember, write down and confess everything as far back in time as possible? 2) Is writing things down on a list and hand...
  8. Tommelomsky

    Catechumenate comes to an end

    + Glory to God in all things! + I spoke with my priest today (this evening, local time) and if God willingly, I will be chrismated and recieved into the church on april 5th. Basically I am so shocked and happy that I am literally shaking right now, in front of my computer. No words can describe...
  9. Tommelomsky


    First, forgive me if this is an old topic (I tried searching for it, but could not find anything about it). I do have a question regarding baptism as I at some level this coming spring will talk to my parish-priest (Igumen) about conversion. This is where the question comes in: As a former...
  10. Tommelomsky

    Last catechumen class

    Hey good people I feel like one of those bloodsucking insects (for asking you again..) but can you please pray for a catechumen that hits the final day of catechumen classes? I have no idea what happens after today (friday morning local time). The priest has told me that we will have some...
  11. Tommelomsky

    Prayer for me, feeling hopeless

    Hi all I ask you humbly to pray for me as: 1) If feel sincerly that I have not been a very humble or good catechumen so far 2) I sometimes get some frustrated and even angry here, like in the headcover = legalistic thread in conversions issues forum 3) I do struggle with passions and after a...
  12. Tommelomsky

    The sacraments

    Realized that I do not have any book on the sacraments and that would be a wise idea to do something about. So, what can you recommend for me to read? Any help is greatly appreciated. :=)
  13. Tommelomsky

    Prayers to the saints, the angels and the departed ones

    Can anyone recommend any of the psalms in the scriptures for this intercession prayer? Have been trying to use Psalms 91 and 148, but not sure if they cover it all. Maybe this is strange or foolish, but my intention is not.
  14. Tommelomsky

    Who is there to help you through?

    Being a catechumen can be a thankful and joyous ride, but it can also be a challenge in good and bad. Most of all, as of realizing this now in the very now, I should most of all be greatful. So I am. To God. For being alive, being healthy and doing overfall fine. On march 1st, our last class is...
  15. Tommelomsky

    Everyone can tell that you long after the eucharist

    A nice elderly lady in the parish told me this over a soda after the Divine Liturgy today. I try to hide this, but obviously not doing it very well. Should I be ashamed of myself or can any former catechumens or catechumens say that they have or do feel/have felt it the same way? Other than...