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    Cuteness Overload

    Oliver, my reason for living.
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    What does everyone look like?

    Hey, everybody. 😁
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    Sexting with OCNet Members

    Have to compliment you on the title. Good one! 🤣
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    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    I'm loving the new platform, much easier to deal with on my Android! *****
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    I feel a sentiment urging me to convert to Catholic Church

    I often feel a sentiment to eat a greasy hamburger and french fries. I have to remember what is good for me. Spirituality can be a complicated experience. You have to be true to yourself, but realize that Orthodoxy is the fullest and most authentic expression of Christianity.
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    Christian forums like this have led me away from rejoining the church

    Perhaps just go to church and have fellowship with the people. Read some books, attend a Bible study or discussion group. Internet forums are not the best to sort out these kinds of things for everyone. It might be better for your mental health and spiritual journey not to be on forums, or at...
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    Major life change

    Hi, all. I'm not as active here anymore, but wanted to post and ask for prayers. Lately I've found that the power of prayer is true and helpful. After finishing my masters degree and working in my field for a few years, I took a step back and realized I was very unhappy. After a lot of...
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    Has anyone done one of those ethnicity/ancestry DNA tests?

    I got my results today.  Not what I thought - I expected to have a full quarter of German ancestry.  I'm not surprised by the trace of Scandinavian, but the trace of Iberian surprises me very much.  My mother is going to take it next!  I did AncestryDNA, though other services offer this. ...
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    Byzantine Catholicism in Slovakia

    Hi, all. I'm interested in any information you might have on Byzantine Catholicism in Slovakia.  My great grandparents were from Jastrabie, Slovakia, and raised my grandfather a Byzantine Catholic.  He even made the sign of the cross the way Orthodox do! My great grandparents were married in...
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    Struggling with disbelief

    Hi, all. I've been a committed Atheist for a little over a year.  I have been to Church a few times lately and have reassembled my icon corner in my apartment.  I want to believe so badly like I used to.  I was once overly zealous and pretty pretentious in my approach to faith.  I just want to...
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    Would you attend an RC university over a secular one?

    I'm interested to know if you would choose to attend a secular school over a Roman Catholic school, in a scenario where these are the only options.  As Orthodox Christians, we do not have many schools in this country, so it comes down to the choice between a Christian education and a secular...
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    Faith & Mental Illness

    I am interested in the experiences of folks who deal with mental illness, and how it relates to their faith.  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (type 2) a few months ago.  It helped me to understand a lot of what I was going through.  (A priest had lead me to believe it was a demon...
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    Struggling with disbelief/Atheism

    A little over a year ago I made the decision to stop going to Church all together.  I couldn't work up the courage to go to the Orthodox Church every week, the Catholic Church was too watered-down, and liberal Christianity was just not very appealing.  I've discovered that what kept getting me...
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    Fowler's "Stages of Faith"

    My therapist gave me this amazing book - Stages of Faith by an author called Fowler. His book was made into a chart here - Pretty early in the chart we can see the "convertitis" we all know and despise. ...
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    Why is the Tzar a saint?

    I always see an icon of the Romanov passion-bearers when I see photographs of Russian monarchists marching and such.  I have an icon of them in my prayer corner that I've had for a long time, though recently I'm hesitant, as I've heard things about them, like that the Tzarina had other lovers...