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    Communion Spoons & Covid

    Everyone knows that fly's and all kinds of bugs land on just about every fruit or vegetable. We clean them with water "not even disinfectant" and eat without a second thought.
  2. Tzimis

    What's wrong with the 'Gnostic gospels'

    A Form of Gnosticism exists in Orthodoxy, but if you read the fathers carefully, you see a much different approach. Heretics, are often those who take a one sided stance on issues. for example: The Gnostic's totally neglect human natures involvement in salvation, in favor of a spiritual...
  3. Tzimis

    North Macedonian schismatics have just been recognised by the Ecumenical Patriarchate

    Freddo cappuccino, Freddo espresso, Frappe, and traditional Greek coffee. Are all Greek variants of coffee. Intrestingly, The first coffee shop in Rome, was opened by a Greek and is still in business today.
  4. Tzimis

    We don't "need" God to explain things anymore?

    Its all good until you ask, where matter originated from.
  5. Tzimis

    What Is Human?

    Interesting topic. Technically, human nature is one. Meaning, every human person has physical qualities that are related too everyone else. Those qualities are generally not identified as individual because everyone has them. Then you have a subset of qualities that make you identifiable...
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    7 Years!

    Welcome back. 12-15 were good years
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    Climate Change?

    Interesting anomalies.
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    For friends' pre-born

    Lord, have mercy on this family!
  9. Tzimis

    "Americans continue leaving church - most aren't coming back."

    I don't agree. No need to alter our outward appearance. Orthodoxy is a spiritual practice. Being OK with God has nothing to do with the human weakness and need to belong to an organized group. We are followers of god and not man.
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    In ER

  11. Tzimis

    "The River of Fire" by A. Kalomiros

    Not really! Its against bipolar tendencies.
  12. Tzimis

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    Not the revised Julian that the church uses.
  13. Tzimis

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    We have to still follow the canons. So in essence, We are on the Jewish lunar calendar for pascha, (not the Julian) but use the revised julian calendar for everything else. This way way don't break the canons.
  14. Tzimis

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    Problem is! Trying to use a scientific method to predict a living universe. People put such emphasis on math being perfect that they don't see a universe that doesn't fit into there equations. Its math that isn't perfect.
  15. Tzimis

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    We revised the Julian calendar. It more accurate then the Gregorian.