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    Please help me to complete this academic research questionnaire, Thanks!

    I am currently studying a master degree in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am conducting a research project about work-related stress. It would be high appreciated if you can help me complete a questionnaire. And here is the link of the questionnaire...
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    I am now an Orthodox Christian!

    I was chrismated by the metropolitan bishop on 21/9 ( Sun ).I am now an Orthodox Christian. Please pray for me for the coming journal in the Orthodox Church ! Thanks all! :)
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    prophesy the future of a country or even the world?

    Are there any Orthodox saints who could prophesy the future of a country or even the world accurately after the Apostolic Age, like Isaiah, Daneil, Jeremiah, Ezekiel,etc?
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    Is it appropriate to intercede for the Orthodox Church?

    The Church is the body of Christ. It is protected and guided by God. It is Infallible. It is powerful which the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.So, is it still necessary for the Orthodox Christians to pray for the Church? Moreover, it is a bit strange to say  ' Lord Jesus Christ...
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    Are the modern saints' teachings as important as early church fathers?

    Saints are all holy persons. Are the teachings of modern Orthodox saints as important as the early church fathers?
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    Does OO believe that hell is the presence of God?

    What is OO's view on hell? Does OO believe that hell is the presence and love of God rather than real / material fire??
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    feel bored about my life

    I have been graduated from University. I am now working in the call center. Every day, I go to work from 9:00a.m to 6:00p.m. After I get off my job, I go back home, watch TV or play computer. I feel that my life is very bored. Any suggestions for improvement?
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    Can we ask saints and theotokos to give us something directly?

    The saints and Theotokos do not only have the power to pray. They can also act. We can ask them to help or guide us, not only pray for us. Can we directly ask the saints and Theotokos to give us something, like wisdom, strength, food, etc?
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    Orthodoxy and Catholic Saint titles?

    Is there any difference between the Orthodox and Catholic Saint titles?
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    how could St. Anthony the Great take eucharist when he lived alone in dessert?

    Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ. It is very important to the Orthodox Christians. How could St. Anthony the Great take the Eucharist with other brothers and sisters when he acted as a hermit in desert?
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    ask the mercy of Theotokos and saints?

    Would Orthodox Christians ask Theotokos and Saints to have mercy on us?
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    What is Elder? How can an Orthodox Christian become an Elder? What is the relationship between Saint and Elder? Does the Catholic Church have the Elder?
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    Trinity problem

    Why do we always pray to Jesus alone in Jesus prayer? When we pray to Jesus, are we also offer prayers to Holy Father and Holy Spirit at the same time? How to apply the doctrine of trinity in my prayer life?
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    Want to know more about Holy Spirit by the written works of St. Symeon

    As I come from Charismatic Church, I am very interested on Holy Spirit/ the power of Holy Spirit. However, I want to learn more about Holy Spirit/the power of Holy Spirit now through the Orthodoxy Tradition. As far as I know, St Symeon the New Theologian is the Saint who taught a lot on Holy...
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    Is money important?

    Money is important because we still need it to buy food, drinks to sustain our life. It is not important because we cannot bring any of it to our eternal life. It cannot buy friendship and draw us closer to Jesus So, what are your views on money?