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    It's official ....

    ... I am a catechumen with the Greek Orthodox Church. I just had to tell someone.
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    My prayer life

    I live a rather long way from the nearest Orthodox Church which entails a round trip of of over 500 kilometers.  The result is that I have no contact with any other Orthodox on a regular basis other then via the web. And although I have not be admitted to the Orthodox Church I sense this process...
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    How do I turn OFF notifications

    I thought I had turned OFF all notifications via profile>notifications and email where I had thought I turned off all notifications.  Apparently, my private email box is full.  What do I need to do?
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    Give me five ...

    ... books that you think someone who is new to Orthodoxy should read.
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    Hello - new here

    Hello All, I have found my way over here with the help of some friends on another site. I am Anglican and I studying Theology at Uni.  This last semester we had a Greek Orthodox priest as lecturer and his manner impressed me so much that I attended a Greek Orthodox Church and found that I...