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    What are the earliest liturgies and rites?

    The Rite of Braga is very similiar to the old Tridentine Rite, much less ancient than the Mozarabic Rite (which could possibly be the oldest recension of a liturgy still in use; the ofher might be the pre-1980 version of the Carthusian Rite still in use in a minority of Charterhouses).  The...
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    Divine Liturgy of St Germanus of Paris

    The Gallican Rite and the Old Roman Rite do not really survive in an intact form.  Some scholars say the Mozarabic is closest to the old Gallican Rite, others say the Dominican and Carthusian Rites are more Gallican with less Romanization.
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    Ancient Irish musical history found in modern India

    Only thing is, katchkar look nothing like Celtic crosses.
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    "Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy" (2017 edition) available to order

    That sounds very nice actually.  I will definitely get the new version!
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    "Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy" (2017 edition) available to order

    That would be interesting if it did, given that the EOs basically rejected it using an argument and a theological approach essentially derived from St. Severus.  Apthartodocetism was the main theological error of St. Justinian (who I think deserves a lot of credit for introducing into the...
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    "Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy" (2017 edition) available to order

    I am a bit on the fence on whether to get this right away, in part because of late I have been a bit focused on the Panarion of St. Epiphanius of Salamis.  Everything in the Panarion is per se heretical, whereas in the case of the Roman Catholics, we tend to forget that they broke communion with...
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    Rakovskyana: A Journal

    Do any of those melodies likely survive in our liturgy?
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    Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria performs first consecration of deaconesses

    No, the Coptic Church has had deaconesses for several decades.
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    Rakovskyana: A Journal

    By the way, I am genuinely curious as to whether or not the Romanian Orthodox Paulicians have retained any aspects of their old religion.  Given your interest in that sort of thing Rakovsky I would think you would be into it.
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    Rakovskyana: A Journal

    I do like it, actually.
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    Rakovskyana: A Journal

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    What's going on in the Syriac Orthodox Church?!

    Indeed.  Kyrie eleison
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    Interesting baptism by Patriarch Ilya of Georgia

    I know of only one case where this happened, in Moldova, and the priest was arrested for gross negligence.  The priest apparently held the child under the water!!!
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    Jesus Prayer as substitute for the Hours?

    My mother wears a sort of small prayer rope that goes around the wrist.  I usually do not wear one, and I use them only occasionally.
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    Sign of the Cross

    If EO/OO reconciliation results in combined Eastern-Oriental parishes, I propose EOs stand on one side, and OOs on the other, so that by crossing themselves in opposing directions they can iconographically represent and re-enact the Parting of the Red Sea.  :P