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    Important Differences Between Orthodox and Catholic Eucharistic Theology

    I'm still foggy on the differences between our various Eucharistic theologies. Does anyone here have greater insight on this than I do?
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    Syriac, Slavonic, and Arabic Liturgical Books

    Looking for liturgical books in the above languages. For personal use, since I love chanting in other languages, but also for others, as a record for anyone who's looking for them. Specifically, of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. I'm not particularly against people who want to post the...
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    Icon Recommendations

    I thought I'd make a page where people can submit their recommendations of icons that people can go to if they're out of ideas as to what to look for. I'm in need of a couple of new icons, so what would people recommend?
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    Lectionary of the Western Rite

    Do Western Rite Churches use the Byzantine lectionary, or do they use an older Latin lectionary? I'm curious if Western Rite Churches hear the same readings as we do.
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    Post-schism Inter-locution Between the Byzantine Church and the Coptic Church?

    After the initial schism, what was the extent to relations and communications between the Coptic Church and the Byzantine Church? I don't mean the OOs wholly, just the Coptic Church in particular. I am pretty aware of relations between the Armenians and Jacobites with the Byzantines that...
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    Study Abroad in Russia?

    Has anybody ever done a program through University to study abroad in Russia? Currently that's the program that's in my mind, and since it's required anyway I'm considering going for it. Does anyone have any experience with study abroad?
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    Experiences dealing with mixed marriages?

    Who has experiences with mixed marriages? For example, Catholic-Orthodox, Evangelical-Orthodox, mainline-Orthodox something like that? Just curious, how much difficulty is it with regards to different practices and faiths?
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    What if Orthodoxy didn't exist?

    I'm told that, in an alternate universe, any number of possibilities can theoretically exist. Therefore, there is a universe where Orthodoxy is naught. What religion would you follow if Orthodoxy didn't exist?
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    Canonical situation with the French Orthodox Church?

    I need to study abroad to complete my double major, and initially I was thinking Japan, but I'm open to France. If I were to stay in Angers or Rouen, say, there appear to be French Orthodox Churches in that general vicinity. I'm curious what their canonical situation is, they were in communion...
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    Oldest Recension of the Coptic Liturgy?

    What's the oldest recension of the Liturgy of St. Basil in the Coptic Rite?
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    Did Classical Nestorianism Actually Exist?

    Recently, I've come to question that the Assyrian Church and those that held to what we call "Nestorian" Christology really believed what was claimed of them. In effect, what was claimed is that they denied the incarnation by dividing Christ into two natures (or hypostases depending on what...
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    Does the Syriac Orthodox Church Use Vernacular?

    By which I am talking about the Syrian Church, not the Indian Church. Do they interchange with Arabic etc. with Syriac, or do they just use the Syriac? As yet, I have not seen any use of a vernacular.
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    Best Orthodox Informational Websites/Blogs

    I'm just looking for more stuff to bookmark.
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    History of the Armenian Rite

    I'm curious, I've read it developed parallel to the Byzantine Rite. Does anyone have a history of the Armenian Rite?
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    Is this statement accurate?

    "In the Orthodox Church and among Eastern Christians generally, grace is identified with the uncreated Energies of God." (Wikipedia) I've not seen an explicit identification in the Coptic/Jacobite/Armenian Orthodox Churches that grace is the uncreated Energy of God. Would this assertion be...