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    St. Pontius Pilate Day?

    This is shocking! Is this accepted by the Eastern Orthodox Fathers?
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    Why do people leave Christianity, or lose faith?

    Good point!  ;D Its very well established that the Apostles died for this new religion of theirs. I believe no other religion could claim that (I think).
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    Tradition of saying "Christ is Risen" in multiple languages

    In the Philippines, Catholics have the tradition of saying Alleluia, Alleluia after saying Christ is Risen! W: Si Kristo Nabanhaw! R: Alleluya, Alleluya
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    Are all religions the same?

    Says who?  ;)
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    Old Testament and New Testament Laws

    Well if he's Orthodox then I think he does! ;)
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    Old Testament and New Testament Laws

    Any Bible quotes? Fathers? Thanks!  :)
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    Old Testament and New Testament Laws

    In the Old Testament, God appeared as a war-God -- He would encourage religious wars and genocide; He encouraged stoning; He encouraged several violent things. In the New Testament, God appeared in human flesh as a peace-God -- He encouraged non-violence even to the extent of self-sacrifice...
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    St. Pontius Pilate Day?

    That's horrible! Where did you get that? I hope someone could shed light on this.
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    Where can I find an icon of the Romanovs?

    That's amazing! I never knew the Romanovs were pious people, guess encyclopedias always exclude Orthodox Christians eh? So is he as Saint?
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    Friend looking for Bible translations in Arabic and Turcic

    Have you tried this? I hope its not Protestant. (It sounds Protestant to me though) http://www.biblegateway.com/versions/?action=getVersionInfo&vid=28
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    Christianity and Philosophy- Opposed or Cautioned Against?

    I am completely neutral here. All I want to say is that I am shocked. I am utterly shocked that the Buddha, the Prophet of a non-Christian Religion founded before Christ, could actually be a Christian Saint. If there is a chance for Buddha to be canonized, why not Plato? Why not Heraclitus? Why...
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    Continue to pray for me

    Lord, have mercy!
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    Christ is Risen!

    Si Kristo nabanhaw! Nabanhaw gayud Siya! Blessed Pascha  :angel:
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    What are the Good Friday "side"-traditions of your country?

    Wow, sounds like Spain to me! That magic is favorable on that day is also a belief in the Philippines! Many of our "mangbabarang" (witches) would prepare their "lana"(magic oil) on that day. Creepy... *brrrrr* BTW, where do you come from Augustin717?  ;D Blessed Pascha to all! Time to feast!
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    What are the Good Friday "side"-traditions of your country?

    In the Philippines, it is customary that on Good Friday (Catholic) no one goes out of the house because of the belief that God is "dead" on that day. So the demons are lurking everywhere. Before, people didn't even take a bath on that day believing that blood would flow from the faucet! What...