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  1. LucianNae

    When Christians say that Jesus Christ died for our sins...

    ... what exactly do they mean by that? What's the correlation between the capital punishment He suffered after being falsely accused of blasphemy by the Israelite high priests and our sins? Is there a rational explanation for why He had to die, or is it all considered a mystery?
  2. LucianNae

    Explain the reasons for Jesus sacrifice to me

    I've read (most of) Saint Athanasius' "On The Incarnation Of The Word" and what I got from it was that Jesus had to suffer and die because God couldn't go back on His word that Adam and Eve would die when they ate the fruit. I couldn't find any mention about why God gave that sentence in the...
  3. LucianNae

    George MacDonald

    What is your opinion about George MacDonald and his theology? He criticized the doctrine of penal substitution. I've started reading some of his works, but I have yet to find out what his views are about the reason why Jesus had to suffer, die and resurrect. Is anyone here familiar with...
  4. LucianNae

    What are we allowed to do and prohibite from doing on Great and Holy Friday?

    Is there a list of things that we are allowed to do and prohibited from doing on Great and Holy Friday? Should we keep a black fast all day? Are we allowed to exercise or should we rest the entire day? Share your wisdom, please, for I am new to the faith.
  5. LucianNae

    What is your opinion about Rasputin?

    I keep coming across that infamous Boney M song on social media lately, and I get an unpleasant feeling about it. Today I read a bit about Rasputin on Wikipedia. I don't know what to make of his life story. Is there an official position of the Orthodox Church on whether Rasputin was at any time...
  6. LucianNae

    Fr. Mike Schmitz's Bible in a year podcast

    Yes, Fr. Mike Schmitz is a Catholic priest, but his podcast, Bible in a year, has become very popular on places such as Spotify and iTunes. Is there any benefit for a non-Catholic to listen to it? Have any of you listened to any episodes? Share your thoughts about this. ☦
  7. LucianNae

    Orthodox Christianity and abstract art

    (this is a slightly altered copy of a thread I posted on another Christian multidenominational online forums some time ago) Does abstract art (particularly painting, sculpture, photography & filmography) have any place in the life of an Orthodox Christian? Is it a sin to create and sell...
  8. LucianNae

    Orthodox views on praying with boldness

    From what I've learned so far, in Orthodoxy a state of humbleness is usually required when praying, but here is what this Protestant guy say on this matter: What are your views on this matter? Please share some wisdom of the Orthodox Church elders and saints.
  9. LucianNae

    Is the doctrine taught in this video accurate?

    Please share your thoughts on the matter. I have read and watched so much doctrine about the atonement, yet I am still very confused in regards to why Jesus Christ had to suffer and die for our sins.
  10. LucianNae

    Is it a sin to work as a comedian?

    Hi. As someone who has had aspirations of working in show-business as an entertainer, stand-up comedian or/and comedy actor, I would like to know whether there is an official position of the Orthodox Church regarding if this is a sin or not. In his book "Orthodoxy", Christian writer and...
  11. LucianNae

    Can disabled people join the monastery?

    Hi. I would like to know whether people with physical disabilities are allowed to join the monastic life. Can you give me some information on the matter (e.g. links to official Orthodox teachings)? Thank you.