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  1. Dominika

    Picture of the Day

    No, not only. E.g in Syria or Lebanon, espeically Catholics, but also Orthodox, have names like Pierre, Mishel, Johnny, Grace, Vanessa etc. etc. while the family name and names of the ancestors (that are actaully part of the full name) are often typically Arabic like e.g Abou sth, Habib...
  2. Dominika

    Strange icons

    No idea, I've seen this on two different Arabic pages as illustration, but it looks Greek style.
  3. Dominika

    Picture of the Day

    Often true, but not always (e.g for my boyfriend no)
  4. Dominika

    Theological hot takes that can get you in trouble with your fellow brethren

    Polish Orthodox Church in most (but yes, not all) has been opposing the goverment restrictions. And we don't rather have problem with covid inside the society. The unique parish that has some notable (and, geenrally, faithful) people with covid is the one of few that put limits up to 5 for the...
  5. Dominika

    Picture of the Day

    Canonical Russian Old Rite - old and modern in one
  6. Dominika

    Strange icons

  7. Dominika

    Anyone got any beautiful picture of Western Rite Orthodox Churches?

    St Michael Orthodox Church in Whittier California - from their Facebook
  8. Dominika

    Catholic Church Music

    O Salutaris Hostia
  9. Dominika

    What videos are you watching?

    Things that Arabs don't do
  10. Dominika

    I will have brain surgery on Oct. 27

    Lord have mercy
  11. Dominika

    Looking for updated pics of St. Savas church in Belgrade

    In fact, it is Serbo-Byzantine style ;)
  12. Dominika

    Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria Will Celebrate the Liturgy of St. Mark at St. George's Cairo 2020 10 18

    As for me, I've just passed next to the church, as I was on an organised trip. But, thanks God, at least we've visited some Coptic churches. Unfortunately I had simple camera with low battery, so not a lot of (good) photos. But I remember generally impression at least :)
  13. Dominika

    Strange icons

    The aureole
  14. Dominika

    Picture of the Day

  15. Dominika

    Catholic Church Music

    Rosary in Polish, a lot of Byzantine melodies
  16. Dominika

    Picture of the Day

    For Polish people it's a kind of natioanl food but also entertaintment whilel looking and picking them up in forest ;P
  17. Dominika

    Picture of the Day

    Polish Orthodox nuns from monastery Turkowice with very good kind of mushrooms (and that are relatively rare and not so big) Source:
  18. Dominika

    Links for Byzantine Music

    From the linked moment (1m8s), Paschal troparion in Polish, Byzantine chant. Done by Catholics - liked awwkard, as at my parish this melody is almost not used, and this troparion is never chanted in Polish at my parish (Church Slavonic, Greek, Latin - yes).
  19. Dominika

    Oriental Orthodox Picture of the Day

    I mean mainly icon - I think it's first time I've seen Coptic icon of crucifixion showing Christ in vestments; I've seen such Latin and Byzantine ones.