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  1. hurrrah

    Curzon's note and the question of apostolic succession in the church

    Apostolic succession. Of particular interest may be the literal lists of apostolic succession given in the same place.
  2. hurrrah

    In which we discuss the cultural acceptability of the South, re: Orthodoxy

    Is this a generally accepted point of view in the USA?
  3. hurrrah

    For the repose of my friend, Maria K.

    The Kingdom of Heaven!
  4. hurrrah

    For my parents and I

    Lord, have mercy.
  5. hurrrah

    Catherine and her eyes

    Ok. By the way, right now my life is going by(on?) the beard. So if it's not difficult, pray for me too.
  6. hurrrah

    Random Postings

    My good friend, the former editor-in-chief of a military magazine, writes that there will be a war. Real, not just hybrid. And not a small, not a regional conflict. A big hot physical war. And rockets will fly to us and from us, and many will die both with us and with them. The tangle of...
  7. hurrrah

    For peace in my country, and all countries

    Lord, have mercy.
  8. hurrrah

    Catherine and her eyes

    Link removed. Hurrah, I know this is a tough time, but the Prayer Forum is not the place to post links to blogs. If there is an update, type it out here and stick to prayer requests and praise. Further, it is against forum rules to solicit money for any reason without the express permission...
  9. hurrrah

    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    Yes, the Holy Church had to endure a lot from various emperors, Greek and not.
  10. hurrrah

    Random Postings

    I must drink vodka.
  11. hurrrah

    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    Church Slavonic is sacred, Russian is profane. Some translations sound frankly ridiculous and absurdly; the meaning is lost.
  12. hurrrah

    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    ^This. By the way, in the photo above - it is exactly the prayer read during the cherubic ) Silently. Or quiet. Secretly )
  13. hurrrah

    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    You have very... peculiar ideas. But I can't enter into a discussion )
  14. hurrrah

    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    I would call this style the fruit of unbelief and hypocrisy: people do not believe in what they are doing in the altar, do not believe in the saving and enlightening power of God, project their unbelief on parishioners, and in order to convince them (parishioners) that they (clergy) are not...
  15. hurrrah

    For the repose of my uncle's mom, Gilka

    Memory eternal.
  16. hurrrah

    Proceedings against Pelegius in Palestine, St. Ignatius Brianchaninov, and Patriarch Dositheus?

    Grace is given by the mercy of God; we prove our desire to receive grace by fulfilling the commandments ("good deeds", and even more so "merits" is an inaccurate, and therefore dangerous formulation). Nothing good is possible without grace, but in the case of sin, it is not grace that is...
  17. hurrrah

    Catherine and her eyes

    There was one operation, and the second one is coming.
  18. hurrrah

    Catherine and her eyes

    What exactly is causing your confusion?